F3C Plugs Into Consumer Brands with $25M Fund

The Family Fund & Founder Community, which goes by F3C, announced $25 million in new capital commitments and its focus on becoming the largest community of founders that co-invest in the late-seed and Series A stages of consumer brands. Founded by entrepreneur Matt Mazur and CEOs Nick Woodman ( GoPro ), Antonio García Martínez ( Fitbit ), and Art Levinson (filemaker ) F3C is a sharing economy platform that connects startups with institutional investors. The goal is to provide startup founders access to more capital early on in their businesses, grow their companies faster, and create significant shareholder value.

The founders of Forcebrands Partner Inc. are the brains behind some of today’s biggest names in the corporate world, including Amanda Baldwin at Supergoop, Tyler Ricks at SuperCoffee, Jake Kassan at MVMT and Jordan Bass at HOP WTR. Their goal is to connect startups with established businesses to create a community that can help each other grow and succeed. So far, they’ve amassed a community of over 50 founders and CEOs who share their vision for building an ecosystem that helps businesses thrive.

The new venture fund has secured backing from top-tier investors, giving it the resources to back and mentor up-and-coming founders leading consumer and consumer-tech brands. Daniel Lubetzky, founder of Kind Snacks, plans to deploy $350 million into consumer brands through his new VC firm, Camino Partners. This is a great example of how venture capitalists can help support innovative companies that could have a big impact on the marketplace.

F3C is a startup accelerator and funding platform that invests in early stage companies. They claim their “secret sauce” is their all-operator team, which they say gives them an intimate understanding of the startup journey. F3C has successfully backed several successful startups, including Nextdoor, Olo and Stripe.

One reason the early-stage founders of Caroo were able to achieve success is because they surrounded themselves with people who had experience in their industry. These mentors helped them see when they needed to pivot their business, and gave them the advice and support they needed to reach their goals.

Many venture capitalists only inject money into a company, F3C’s focus is on mentorship and extension of their network of partners and vendors. This allows them to provide the company with more assistance than simply financial backing which can be essential in growing a business. Additionally, this networking enables F3C to find potential investments or partners for companies in need of assistance.

Kurt Seidensticker, the Founder and CEO of SpringOne Platforms, is dedicating his time to support other entrepreneurs by forming a community of seasoned founders. This allows them to receive advice and learnings from one another in order to accelerate their growth and create category leading brands. This can provide valuable resources for startups at any stage in their journey.

F3C is looking at companies with a durable value proposition that can reach profitability through positive unit economics and good repeat behavior. These types of businesses satisfying customer needs through consistent quality and performance are valuable to F3C because they tend to be more resilient than those with short-term profit motives.

As the founder and CEO of Social Capital, was impressed with the vision and ambition of these companies, as well as their ability to leverage technology to disrupt traditional industries. Through its core investments in Flossy, Elemind Technologies, Hopwater and Ghost, Social Capital is helping these companies expand their reach nationwide and beyond into new markets. These investments are also backing innovation, creating new jobs and paving the way for future growth.

Wand’s mission is to help the consumer ecosystem thrive, and their focus on creating a strong connection between founders and consumers sets them apart from many other influencer networks. Their active network of founders gives them insight into what continues to work for brands and how they can emulate those successes in order to continue growing their footprint in the industry.

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