“SingleInterface Raises $30 Million in Funding to Enhance SaaS Startup and Expand Online Business Reach”

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Some may help businesses build a website, whereas others may just be useful for getting listed on search engines. The startup also uses AI to ease businesses’ journey to digitize thousands of stores in one go. Tarun Sobhani, co-founder and CEO of SingleInterface, told TechCrunch that the startup helps businesses grow their revenues by 15–20% using its products. Sobhani and Harish Bahl, the founder of consumer internet investor and venture-building firm Smile Group, co-founded the startup in 2015. Sobhani said the startup plans to add many people in the Asia-Pacific region to grow its presence.

Skyflow Secures Additional $30 Million Amidst AI-Driven Surge in Privacy Industry Growth

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The deal is interesting on a number of fronts including the round’s structure and how Skyflow has been impacted by growth of AI. The new capital comes after Skyflow expanded its data privacy business to support new AI technologies last year. (In its latest news dump, Skyflow said that it expanded its support of China and that market’s particular data rules.) This Skyflow round slots neatly into several trends we’ve observed recently. The explosive growth in AI is creating healthy businesses for LLM infrastructure and support companies.

“Capture Memories with Lapse: $30M Investment in Innovative Retro Camera App”

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Lapse has been been gaining some traction in the market — claiming millions of users, 100 million photos captured each month and a coveted, consistent top-10 ranking in the U.S. app store for photographic apps. Now it’s announcing a new round of funding of $30 million to take its ambitions to the next level. The company’s ethos may have an old school feel to it, but some of the mechanics of how the app operates are anything but. Lapse has come under some scrutiny — see our story here — for how it has used growth-hacking and forced invites to expand the number of installs of its app. (“Buh-bye, Lapse!” one of my more cranky and frustrated friends told me when I asked her to download the app to connect with me.)

Latitude, an emerging French startup, secures impressive $30M in Series B funding for small launch endeavors

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French small launch developer Latitude has closed $30 million in new capital as it eyes the first flight of its Zephyr rocket in 2025. While other rocket companies are going bigger, developing even more massive rockets, Latitude is taking a different approach: light, small, and hopefully cheap enough to beat out competitors. Its first rocket, Zephyr, will stand at just 62 feet and will be capable of delivering up to 100 kilograms of payload to low Earth orbit. The two-stage rocket will be powered by eight 3D-printed engines called Navier, which Latitude is developing in-house. In a statement, Latitude CEO and cofounder Stanislas Maximin said 2024 would be a “pivotal year” before Zephyr’s first flight in 2025.

“IT Company Clerk Secures $30 Million in Funding and Forms Key Partnership with Stripe”

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The proceeds bring Clerk’s total raised to $55.5 million, and co-founder and CEO Colin Sidoti says that they’ll be put toward expanding Clerk’s service beyond authentication and into authorization — i.e. Clerk builds developer tools for authentication, offering drop-in components coded in React, the open source frontend JavaScript library. “Despite authentication and authorization being ubiquitous challenges across every software company, they have been exceptionally slow to become outsourced,” Colin said. “When you ask developers why, they often highlight that authentication and authorization are too tightly-coupled to the rest of their application to outsource. The integration is motivated in part by the investment from Stripe, which Colin says marks the beginning of a “strategic partnership” between the two firms.