Open Source Startups Thrive on Rising Demand for AI and Data Infrastructure

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A new report highlights the demand for startups building open source tools and technologies for the snowballing AI revolution, with the adjacent data infrastructure vertical also heating up. A broader look at the “top 50 trending” open source startups last year reveals that more than half (26) are related to AI and data infrastructure. This ethos often translates into commercial open source startups which might not have a traditional center of gravity anchored by a brick-and-mortar HQ. For comparative purposes, there are other indexes and lists out there that give a steer on the “whats hot” in the open source landscape. So the ROSS Index has emerged as a useful complementary tool for figuring out which open source “startups” specifically are worth keeping tabs on.

The Browser Company Secures $50 Million in Funding, Valued at $550 Million

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The Browser Company, which makes the Arc browser, has raised $50 million in a round led by Pace Capital at a $550 million valuation, TechCrunch has learned exclusively. However, in January, the company released the Arc Search app on iOS, focusing on putting AI-powered search at its center. This is ingrained in the DNA of The Browser Company. Paul Frazee, who built a decentralized browser called Beaker, said that scaling a browser product is hard as people are set in their way and making them switch is tough. The Browser Company has a big ambition to build an “internet computer” for users.

Samsung Extends Self-Repair Program to Include 50 Devices, Including Foldable Models

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Since launching its self-repair program in August 2022, Samsung has been aggressively adding new devices to the mix. Another upgrade this week brings the current offering up to 50 products (when you factor in variants like the Plus and Ultra), including smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, monitors, soundbars and even a projector. There are 14 new devices in all, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Tab S9 series, the Galaxy Book 2 series and the aforementioned projector, Freestyle 2. The news also finds Samsung adding a number of different parts options, including speakers, the SIM tray, side key and volume buttons on Galaxy phones and tablets. Samsung’s approach is generally more in line with Google’s in terms of access to tools and parts.

Possible rewrite: Indian Captain Fresh looks to secure $50 million in fresh funding as discussions ensue

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Captain Fresh, a business-to-business harvest-to-retail marketplace for animal protein, is engaging with investors to raise up to $50 million in fresh funding, according to sources familiar with the matter. Captain Fresh declined to comment. The startup specifically focuses on seafood, helping fishermen and farmers sell their catch and livestock to businesses. Captain Fresh has raised over $100 million prior to the new funding and was valued at $500 million in the previous round, whose first tranche it closed in March 2022. It has since extended that round to raise another $15 million or so.

Curtailment of Cryptocurrency Losses by Over 50% in the Year 2023

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Crypto losses declined over 50% in 2023 Hackers and scammers laid back on the weekends, CertiK report findsWhile hackers continue to hack the crypto industry for a cash grab, the dollar amount is down substantially compared to the previous year. The total amount “lost” during 2023 from security incidents was almost $2 billion, down 51% from 2022, according to security-focused CertiK’s annual 2023 web3 security report. The report defines losses in this context as the value of digital assets stolen by malicious actors. During the past year, 10 incidents, including the $200 million Mixin Network and $197 million Euler Finance hacks, accounted for $1.11 billion of losses. One bit that wasn’t featured in the report is that there was a “marked decline” in hacks and scams over the weekends during 2023.

Top 20 tech presents for less than $50 to think about in the year 2023

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The best tech gifts under $50 to consider in 2023 Tech gifts that loved ones will put to use don't have to come with a hefty price tagIf you’re looking for a gift for someone but don’t want to break the bank, there are a number of great gadgets you can choose from. AirTagAn AirTag is a great and useful gift for the person in your life who often misplaces their belongings. Tile ProThe Tile Pro is a great gift for both Android and iOS users. Anker 313 Wireless Charger StandThis wireless charger stand is great for anyone who doesn’t already have one. PhoneSoap Basic Cell Phone UV Light Sanitizer BoxA UV phone sanitizer is a great gift for anyone with a phone.