Analyzing SuperScale’s $5.4 Million Series A Pitch Deck

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Twenty-two slides might seem like too many (the optimal length for a slide deck is around 16 slides these days), but there are some interstitial slides and an appendix in this one, and those don’t really count. This team slide came as a bit of a surprise:Putting this slide at the end of the deck makes me wonder about the seriousness of this startup. If it has five business units and 70+ team members, it throws the rest of the deck out of whack. On slide 12, the company noted it had $7.5 million worth of revenue from just its case study clients. The full pitch deckIf you want your own pitch deck teardown featured on TechCrunch, here’s more information!

“Revolutionizing MENA’s Startup Landscape: COTU Ventures Unveils $54M Pre-Seed and Seed Fund”

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Dubai-based early-stage venture capital firm COTU Ventures is announcing that it has raised $54 million for its inaugural fund to support startups in the Middle East from pre-seed to seed stages. Founder and general partner Amir Farha revealed in an interview with TechCrunch that COTU Ventures is inclined slightly towards fintech and B2B software. Noteworthy investments by COTU Ventures include Huspy, a UAE mortgage platform backed by Peak XV and Founders Fund, and Egyptian fintech startup MoneyHash. While at Beco Capital, Farha and his partner returned the first fund following Uber’s acquisition of Careem. By fostering such open dialogue, COTU Ventures aims to establish trust and strong connections with founders, enabling informed investment decisions.