Analyzing SuperScale’s $5.4 Million Series A Pitch Deck

Twenty-two slides might seem like too many (the optimal length for a slide deck is around 16 slides these days), but there are some interstitial slides and an appendix in this one, and those don’t really count. This team slide came as a bit of a surprise:Putting this slide at the end of the deck makes me wonder about the seriousness of this startup. If it has five business units and 70+ team members, it throws the rest of the deck out of whack. On slide 12, the company noted it had $7.5 million worth of revenue from just its case study clients. The full pitch deckIf you want your own pitch deck teardown featured on TechCrunch, here’s more information!

There are two industries that have always been profitable, but have been largely overlooked by venture capital – movies and gaming. This may come as a surprise to many, as venture capitalists are known for investing in high-growth opportunities, such as tech startups, healthcare innovations, and the latest digital trends. Yet, according to Deadline, the movie industry made a whopping $33.9 billion last year, and global gaming revenue reached $184 billion, as reported by Newzoo. Despite these impressive numbers, the idea of investing in movies presents venture capitalists with a landscape that is far from the predictable metrics of software-as-a-service platforms or the relatively stable risk of biotech.

Gaming and movies are both hit or miss industries, and venture capital typically steers away from the kind of unpredictability they bring to the table.

I am always intrigued by pitch decks in the gaming industry, so when I came across SuperScale’s presentation, I was immediately drawn in. The company’s promise to simplify game marketing caught my attention, as great marketing can make all the difference between a mediocre outcome and a smash-hit success. Needless to say, I was excited to dive into this unique opportunity.

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Slides in this deck

The company submitted a 22-slide deck, however, “details of customers and customer case studies where we didn’t get approval for distribution are redacted,” according to the company.

  1. Cover slide
  2. Problem slide
  3. Solution slide
  4. Macro market size prediction slide
  5. Market size prediction slide
  6. Market size slide (2027)
  7. Target customer slide
  8. Platform interstitial slide
  9. How it works slide
  10. Market segmentation slide
  11. Business model slide
  12. Case studies slide
  13. Competitive landscape slide
  14. Business plan interstitial slide
  15. 5-year plan summary slide
  16. The Ask slide
  17. Use of Funds summary slide
  18. Summary slide
  19. Team slide
  20. Appendix interstitial slide
  21. Company history slide
  22. Closing/contact slide

Three things to love about SuperScale’s pitch deck

SuperScale has put together a beautifully designed deck that gets straight to the point. Although 22 slides may seem lengthy (the optimal length is typically around 16 slides nowadays), it’s worth noting that there are some interstitial slides and an appendix included, which don’t necessarily count towards the total.

Making your own market

Gaming is a massive industry, and investors are well aware of that. The real question is, how can one grab a slice of that lucrative digital pie? SuperScale takes a bold approach here: instead of talking about today’s numbers, they’ve provided projections for 2027. This slide is strategically placed at the beginning of the deck; if SuperScale can provide a solid argument for how they will contribute to growing the gaming market by 10%, that’s certainly worth considering.

It’s a daring and clever storytelling strategy. Of course, this means the company will need to back up their plan with concrete evidence and results, but it’s an effective way to grab the attention of potential investors.

A new lease on life

SuperScale has a unique model as a gaming optimization company, and this simple slide delivers a smart message: what if they could significantly increase the profitability of older, established games? SuperScale’s approach aims to give these games a new lease on life during a stage of the gaming publishing cycle where every dollar earned is essentially a bonus. The deck doesn’t make a big deal out of this, but it has the potential to be a powerful selling point to games studios. Additionally, if SuperScale finds success with legacy games, it makes sense to integrate their services into new games as well.

This is an extremely intelligent strategy, and investors will certainly take notice.

That’s how you do a summary

Aside from the design and small text, the content on this slide is excellent:

“Three things that SuperScale could have improved”

  • The company has an undoubtedly impressive track record, yet they failed to share past successes or outline a clear plan for achieving future success.
  • The team slide raised some questions – with 70+ members, it’s unclear how they plan to sustain such a large team with only a $5 million investment.
  • There is no solid explanation as to why they are raising funds when they are already generating significant revenue.

This slide provides all the necessary points of discussion for investors to get excited about this opportunity – a great approach.

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