“EDPS Alerts: Europe’s Privacy Principles Threatened by Rapid AI Advancements”

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The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has warned key planks of the bloc’s data protection and privacy regime are under attack from industry lobbyists and could face a critical reception from lawmakers in the next parliamentary mandate. Any shift of approach by incoming lawmakers could have implications for the bloc’s high standard of protection for people’s data. But he particularly highlighted industry lobbying, especially complaints from businesses targeting the GDPR principle of purpose limitation. Wiewiórowski did not explicitly blame generative AI for driving the “strong attacks” on the GDPR’s purpose limitation principle. So any AI-driven weakening of EU data protection laws in the near term is likely to have long term consequences for citizens’ human rights.

Land Moto revs up its electric motorcycle battery game with $3M investment

Land Batts
Cleveland-based electric motorcycle startup Land Moto is looking to diversify by powering up the battery design side of its tech, and has raised $3 million (on top of $7 million raised last summer) to do so in 2024. But like many electric vehicle manufacturers, Land is finding that there is a lot of potential in having a giant battery present at someone’s home beyond simply transportation. Just as some carmakers have flirted with the idea of having your electric car act as a home battery, why shouldn’t your electric bike do the same, to a lesser extent? “Being able to make electric batteries in-house is a pivotal moment for the team. As with other electric ecosystems, the new battery is designed to slot into the bike’s slot with minimal modification.