“Udacity Joins Forces with Accenture to Create Cutting-Edge AI Learning Platform”

Techcrunch Disrupt Sf 2017 Day 2
Accenture announced today that it would acquire the learning platform Udacity as part of an effort to build a learning platform focused on the growing interest in AI. While the company didn’t specify how much it paid for Udacity, it also announced a $1 billion investment in building a technology learning platform it’s calling LearnVantage. While it could also offer more general technology training, the company made clear that it is particularly interested in offering training to get workers up to speed on AI. As for Udacity, which was founded in 2011, it gave the usual kinds of statements a company makes when it gets acquired by a much larger organization like Accenture. That is, it believes that it can reach more people and help them acquire skills at part of the larger entity.