iOS 18 takes strong action against apps that demand complete access to address books

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iOS apps that build their own social networks on the back of users’ address books may soon become a thing of the past. In iOS 18, Apple is cracking down on the social apps that ask users’ permission to access their contacts — something social apps often do to connect users with their friends or make suggestions for who to follow. To give users more control over the contacts an app can and cannot access, the permissions screen has two stages. Before that, apps like Poparazzi and Clubhouse had demanded full address book access — a growth hack that helped them quickly expand their networks. iOS 18 will let users decide which contacts an app can access.

Need a break from layoffs? Snag a 50% discount on an Expo+ admission!

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Layoffs are tough. The silver lining is that with an Expo+ pass, you can engage with a vibrant tech startup community at TC Disrupt, boasting over 10,000 participants, for the entire three days. Here’s the deal: If you’ve been through a layoff, in any industry, and from any country within one year of October 2024, you qualify for a discounted Expo+ pass. At Disrupt, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to explore, with access to startup founders, CEOs, service providers, and partner companies. *Networking activations access is limited for Expo+ Passes and doesn’t include access to roundtables, small-group sessions, braindates or select receptions.

Limiting Children’s Access to ‘Addictive Feeds’ in New York City

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New York’s state legislature has passed a bill that would prohibit social media companies from showing so-called “addictive feeds” to children under 18, unless they obtain parental consent. The Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act defines an addictive feed as one where the content is recommended or prioritized based on information about the user or the user’s device — basically, these are the algorithmic news feeds used by most social apps. “Non-addictive feeds,” a category that includes “feeds listed in chronological order,” would still be allowed. “New York is leading the nation to protect our kids from addictive social media feeds and shield their personal data from predatory companies,” Governor Hochul said. It would also prohibit platforms from sending notifications related to these feeds between the ages of midnight and 6am without parental consent.

Maximizing Your Impact: Standing Out at TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 as a Founder

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TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 in San Francisco is the must-attend event for startup founders aiming to make their mark in the tech world. Founder benefits: Each founder of the startup can access all Founder Pass benefits. Here’s what participation offers:Global showcase : Be among the top 200 startups selected from around the globe, spanning multiple industries. Whether you’re looking to network, learn, or showcase your startup, Disrupt offers the ideal platform to propel your business forward. Secure your place at TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 and take the next big step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Remove Stalkerware from Your Android Phone in Just a Few Simple Steps

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Your Android phone could have stalkerware — here’s how to remove it How to remove common consumer-grade spywareConsumer-grade spyware apps that covertly and continually monitor your private messages, photos, phone calls and real-time location are a growing problem for Android users. This guide can help you identify and remove common surveillance apps from your Android phone, including TheTruthSpy, KidsGuard and other apps. Checking to see if your Android device is compromised can be done quickly and easily. Android users who do not use accessibility apps or features should not see any apps in their Android settings. Force stopping and uninstalling a stalkerware app will likely alert the person who planted the stalkerware that the app no longer works.

“B2B Market Emerges as The Folklore Secures $3.4M Seed to Expand Brand Reach in Global Retail”

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The capital, which brings total funding raised by the startup to $6.2 million, will enable it to serve more brands. For diverse brands in particular, there are a lot of economic hurdles that these groups face, which makes it even harder for them to access capital. Its other offering is a labor marketplace for brands not in a position to hire full-time teams but require talent occasionally. Its community of brands recommends the talent or manufacturer, who are listed on the marketplace after several stages of vetting. Brands gain access to the labor marketplace, capital and other resources, upon signing up (at a cost) on the startup’s main product, the B2B marketplace and SaaS product.

$24.7M Raised by Finmid to Facilitate Loan Access for SMBs via Platforms like Wolt

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The round values the company at €100 million ($107 million), post money. But finmid believes it has the potential to lock in more business specifically in its home region. Unlike a bank, Wolt has access to the restaurants’ sales history, and finmid helps it leverage that data to decide who will see a pre-approved financing offer. The working capital doesn’t come from Wolt, but from finmid’s financing partners. For a platform like Wolt, embedding finmid is a way to make life easier for restaurants while generating additional revenue without much additional effort.

“Integrating AI-Focused Data Management and Differential Privacy: The Power of PVML”

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PVML is offering an interesting solution by combining a ChatGPT-like tool for analyzing data with the safety guarantees of differential privacy. It’s much easier, faster and more efficient — and our secret sauce, differential privacy, enables this integration very easily.”Differential privacy is far from a new concept. The team argues that today’s data access solutions are ineffective and create a lot of overhead. The promise of using differential privacy means that PVML’s users don’t have to make changes to the original data. “That’s a taste of things to come, and organizations who adopt AI today will be a step ahead tomorrow.

US Government Issues Urgent Reminder for Sisense Customers to Update Passwords Following Security Breach

U.S. cybersecurity agency CISA is warning Sisense customers to reset their credentials and secrets after the data analytics company reported a security incident. CISA said it urges Sisense customers to “reset credentials and secrets potentially exposed to, or used to access, Sisense services” and to report any suspicious activity involving the use of compromised credentials to the agency. Founded in 2004, Sisense develops business intelligence and data analytics software for big companies, including telcos, airlines and tech giants. Companies like Sisense rely on using credentials, such as passwords and private keys, to access a customer’s various stores of data for analysis. With access to these credentials, an attacker could potentially also access a customer’s data.

Apple expands repair options for used iPhone components

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On Thursday, Apple announced that it has opened its iPhone repair process to include used components. Today’s news adds all components — including the battery, display and camera — which Apple requires to be configured for full functionality. “‘Parts pairing’ is used a lot outside and has this negative connotation,” Apple senior vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, tells TechCrunch. “I think it’s led people to believe that we somehow block third-party parts from working, which we don’t. Ternus cites a recent UL Solutions study as evidence that third-party battery modules, in particular, can present a hazard to users.