Internet access in Gaza is collapsing as ISPs fall offline

IODA has recorded 9 ASN/ISPs related to Gaza with outages: AS44213 (NewStarMAX-ASN)AS15975 (Hadara-AS)AS57704 (SPEED-CLICK-LTD)AS199046 (JETNET)AS42314 (fusion)AS60268 (DIGITAL-COMMUNICATION-PALESTINE-ASN)AS210974 (AjyalFI)AS213207 (TechHub-HiNet)AS56995 (netstream) — IODA (@IODA_live) October 27, 2023

Users can access emergency services with Alexa

What if we told you @alexa99 can help keep you and your family safe? With the Alexa Emergency Assist service, anyone in your home can get hands-free, fast access to…