Atari-Inspired: Unveiling Microsoft’s Latest Adaptive Additions: Harnessing the Allure of the Iconic Atari Joystick

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories Resize
The company has offered accessibility-focused Xbox peripheral for some time and has introduced the Adaptive line of computing peripherals roughly this time last year. The Adaptive line got a refresh and a couple of new entries at this week’s virtual Windows event. This round brings back the Adaptive Mouse, which features thumb support and custom tails 3D printed by Shapeways. The Adaptive Hub is effectively an adaptive accessory for the other adaptive accessories, allowing for up to three devices and four Adaptive Buttons to be connected wirelessly. Rounding out Microsoft’s new accessibility accessories is a Surface Pro Keyboard with brighter backlighting and bolder text for users with vision impairments.

Illuminating Accessibility: How Showee, a smart shower startup, is bringing light to the shower experience

Showee 2
Catalan startup Showee, which is building smart showers with accessibility in mind, is one such company. Here’s a video showing how it works:More than the hardware, Showee won awards and praise for the social impact it’s trying to make. The company’s CTO, Eloi Mirambell, admitted that the smart shower’s price will have to go down before it has a real chance at B2C. The startup says its shower uses 50% less water than a regular shower. In its FAQ, the startup says that all shower units are sold out, but Showee will be available again starting April 2024.

“Unveiling of Google’s Latest Innovations: Enhanced Accessibility and Productivity Unveiled at MWC”

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Google announced a new set of features for phones, cars, and wearables today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The company said that starting this week, Google Messages will get a feature that lets you access Gemini in the app. Google is also rolling out a feature for Android Auto that reads out summaries of long text messages and contextualizes group chats. On the productivity front, Google is extending support for handwritten notes to docs on Android phones or tablets using just a finger or a stylus. Google is also updating the Fitbit app with support to get data from different sources like AllTrails, Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal.