Automattic Gains Beeper, Observing Fintech’s Decline and YC’s Scarcity of Latin American Entrepreneurs

Beeper Automattic
When it comes to news items that we love at TechCrunch, IPOs rank pretty darn high. Another great newsy bit that comes along less frequently than we’d like is a startup buying another startup. These deals are often very interesting as they either bring a gob of talent, or technology to an already growing company, potentially accelerating it. So it was with joy that the Equity Podcast crew dug into Automattic buying Beeper for $125 million. But certainly we are an ocean or two away from the heady days we saw back in 2021.

Linktree’s Latest Acquisition: Koji, a Link-in-Bio Platform, Marks Its Second Investment of the Year

Linktree Koji
Australia-based link-in-bio platform Linktree announced today that it has acquired competitor Koji from its parent company GoMeta for an undisclosed amount. The company is offering Koji users three months of Linktree Pro plan as a trial. “We’re thrilled to welcome Koji users to the Linktree community and are excited to continue to innovate on the category we created. The company launched Koji as a link-in-bio platform in March 2021 and raised $16 million through its parent entity. In a previous avatar, Koji let non-technical developers make “mini apps on the web,” which were later turned into templates on the link-in-bio platform.