“Introducing New Moves for House DJs: Meet Odd Ball, the Innovative Ball-shaped Instrument”

Odd Ball, the ball-shaped music instrument, is adding new gestures so you can become a house DJOdd Ball is a company that makes fun electronic bouncy balls that let you generate MIDI sounds by tapping or bouncing them. With the most recent app update, the company also lets you be the DJ at a house party with these gestures. The app will generate sound based on how hard or fast you spin or shake the ball. While Odd Ball hasn’t raised any institutional money, it has some advisors on the board. Odd Ball is working on a version of the ball with multiple RGB LEDs for a new interaction dimension.

Live Scores for Sports Games Being Added by Threads: Starting with the NBA

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Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is adding live scores for sports games. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday that Threads has started testing live scores for NBA games, and that the platform plans to add support for additional leagues in the future. The launch of the feature comes as Threads continues to take on X, which has had live scores for sports games for around a decade now. Threads isn’t just adding live scores — users will also be able to tap a team’s logo to be redirected to the conversation about that team, and connect with other users who follow them. The addition of live scores marks Threads’ latest effort in building out a platform to rival X.

Samsung Extends Self-Repair Program to Include 50 Devices, Including Foldable Models

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Since launching its self-repair program in August 2022, Samsung has been aggressively adding new devices to the mix. Another upgrade this week brings the current offering up to 50 products (when you factor in variants like the Plus and Ultra), including smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, monitors, soundbars and even a projector. There are 14 new devices in all, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Tab S9 series, the Galaxy Book 2 series and the aforementioned projector, Freestyle 2. The news also finds Samsung adding a number of different parts options, including speakers, the SIM tray, side key and volume buttons on Galaxy phones and tablets. Samsung’s approach is generally more in line with Google’s in terms of access to tools and parts.

Report: Netflix Contemplates Incorporating In-App Purchases and Advertising into Gaming Platform

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For two years, Netflix subscribers have been able to download tons of mobile games, all included for free with their subscription. Netflix has developed more than 75 mobile games, boasting popular IPs like Grand Theft Auto, Love is Blind, Monument Valley, and Oxenfree, among many others. Now, Netflix could potentially be exploring ways to generate revenue from its gaming business, a recent report suggests. These methods are common (and effective) in the mobile gaming world, with consumers expected to spend $111.4 billion on mobile games in 2024. Netflix appeared to shut down the idea of ads and in-game payments during an earnings call in April 2023.