“Breaking Records: PadSplit’s Affordable Shared Housing Market Surpasses 10K+ Units”

Padsplit Team
“The largest portion of anyone’s income almost always goes toward housing costs,” founder and CEO Atticus LeBlanc told TechCrunch. “And if you look around, you know that housing costs are skyrocketing, as much as 40% in some markets. Most notably, active members have saved $2.6 million monthly and around $47.4 million in total savings generated. “The life-changing results speak for themselves… These incredible results have led PadSplit residents to purchase their own vehicles, traditional apartments, launch their own companies and buy their own homes,” added LeBlanc. PadSplit, meanwhile, reports that the average monthly cost to live in one of its units is $729.

Forsaken: Miniature and Budget-Friendly Electric Vehicles of 2023

Tiny Angel Ev
Sono SionGerman automaker Sono once led the charge to bring solar panels to electric cars with the five-seater Sono Sion hatchback. No longer an automaker, Sono now focuses on embedding its solar tech into other vehicles. GM, Honda’s affordable EVsGeneral Motors and Honda said in April 2022 that they’d co-develop millions of small and affordable EVs. Months later, it seems the acquirer has yet to restart VanMoof production or resume repairs. On the other handIt’s been a bummer year for fans of small EVs, but all is not lost.