Simplifying Agent Creation with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Agent Builder

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AI agents are the new hot craze in generative AI. On Tuesday at Google Cloud Next, the company introduced a new tool to help companies build AI agents. “Vertex AI Agent Builder allows people to very easily and quickly build conversational agents,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said. In this case, it’s relying on Google Search (which in reality could or could not be accurate). “We’re now bringing you grounding in Google Search, bringing the power of the world’s knowledge that Google Search offers through our grounding service to models.

Aura: Deepgram’s Revolutionary AI Vocalizes Agents

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Aura combines highly realistic voice models with a low-latency API to allow developers to build real-time, conversational AI agents. Backed by large language models (LLMs), these agents can then stand in for customer service agents in call centers and other customer-facing situations. Deepgram’s Aura combines human-like voice models that render extremely fast (typically in well under half a second) and, as Stephenson noted repeatedly, does so at a low price. “Everybody now is like: ‘hey, we need real-time voice AI bots that can perceive what is being said and that can understand and generate a response — and then they can speak back,'” he said. The Aura model, just like all of the company’s other models, were trained in-house.

Creating AI Agents using Brevian: The Ultimate No-Code Solution for Enterprises

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Sunnyvale-based Brevian wants to make it easier for business users to build custom AI agents. “When I saw ChatGPT and other things, for me, it was just: how is this applicable in the enterprise? Then he went to LinkedIn, where he headed up the AI trust team before leaving in late 2022 to join Wagh in founding Brevian as its CTO. “Our vision was to enable business users in the enterprise to be able to use AI to simplify their daily tasks. 2024 is the year of AI apps — and we just felt like they were so far ahead,” he told me.

Transforming the Customer Experience: Sierra’s Innovative Approach Amidst the AI Era

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We’ve been hearing about the notion of customer experience forever, the idea that we could improve customer interactions with brands digitally. Whether or not that’s true, the two founders fundamentally see AI agents as a new technology category, providing an entirely new way for customers to interact with brands to improve their overall experience. Regardless, Taylor and Bavor recognize that there are some serious challenges and risks when it comes to humans interacting with these AI agents. I think with AI we finally have technology that isn’t just making us more productive but actually doing the job. Sierra clearly sees a big opportunity to transform customer experience with AI, but many obstacles stand in the way of success.