“Keep an Eye Out for the Top 4 DevSecOps Trends in the Age of AI Standardization”

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Simultaneously, developers and the wider DevSecOps community must prepare to address four global trends in AI: the increased use of AI in code testing, ongoing threats to IP ownership and privacy, a rise in AI bias, and — despite all of these challenges — an increased reliance on AI technologies. Successfully aligning with these trends will position organizations and DevSecOps teams for success. From luxury to standard: Organizations will embrace AI across the boardIntegrating AI will become standard, not a luxury, across all industries of products and services, leveraging DevSecOps to build AI functionality alongside the software that will leverage it. To prepare, organizations must invest in revising software development governance and emphasizing continuous learning and adaptation in AI technologies. In our latest Global DevSecOps Report, 81% of respondents said they would like more training on how to use AI effectively.