Possible style: Potential Impact of TikTok Prohibition on Amazon Merchants Seeking Substitutes

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TikTok ban could harm Amazon sellers looking for alternatives The ban could prematurely end TikTok's e-commerce dream and hit sellers seeking new channelsIn March, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that could force ByteDance to divest TikTok or face a ban in U.S. app stores. Research from Jungle Scout, an Amazon data intelligence provider, provides some idea of TikTok’s e-commerce impact, however. It found that 20% of Amazon sellers, brands, and businesses have plans to expand to TikTok Shop this year. TikTok isn’t the only platform on the list for merchants looking for more channels beyond Amazon to expand their customer bases. But if TikTok Shop’s strategy is mainly focused on bringing offline businesses online for the first time, that could be a very big move.