AWS Emulates Google’s Lead by Declaring Unrestricted Free Data Transfers to Alternative Cloud Vendors

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Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary AWS has revealed that it will allow customers to transfer their data out of its ecosystem with no so-called “egress fees” attached. While AWS already allows customers to transfer up to 100GB of data per month off its servers for free, this won’t cover companies looking to “lift and shift” their entire data stores to another provider — and that is what is effectively changing for AWS customers as of today. Companies that want to move their data off of AWS are requested to contact AWS, which will then apparently issue credits for the data being migrated. It’s not clear what today’s news means in relation to the U.K.’s ongoing antitrust probe into cloud lock-in practices. Another issue identified by the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) was also looking at interoperability, concerning areas where cloud companies design their products to not play nicely with rival services.