Threads: Your Next Big Competitor – Unlock API Access & Explore Documentation with Meta

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For instance, those who want to track analytics around Threads’ posts can use an Insights API to retrieve things like views, likes, replies, reposts, and quotes. There are also details on how to publish posts and media via the API, retrieve replies, and a series of troubleshooting tips. So far, Threads API beta testers have included social tool makers like Sprinklr, Sprout Social, Social News Desk, Hootsuite, and tech news board Techmeme. Instead, users still have to visit their settings in the Threads app itself to publish to the fediverse. Meta says the new documentation will be updated over time as it gathers feedback from developers.

“Developers Can Now Access Over 20 Cutting-Edge APIs from Adobe’s Firefly Services”

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Adobe today announced Firefly Services, a set of over 20 new generative and creative APIs, tools and services. Firefly Services makes some of the company’s AI-powered features from its Creative Cloud tools like Photoshop available to enterprise developers to speed up content creation in their custom workflows — or create entirely new solutions. In addition, the company also today launched Custom Models, which allows businesses to fine tune Firefly models based on their assets. Custom Models is already built into Adobe’s new GenStudio. In addition to these AI features, Firefly Services also exposes tools for editing text layers, tagging content and applying presets from Lightroom, for example.

The Crucial Need to Control AI in the Multi-Trillion-Dollar API Market

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Application programming interfaces (APIs) power the modern internet, including most websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices we use. This phenomenon, often referred to as the “API economy,” is projected to have a total market value of $14.2 trillion by 2027. How AI integration changed the API landscapeVarious kinds of AI have been here for a while, but it’s generative AI (and LLMs) that completely changed the risk landscape. Many AI companies use the benefits of API technologies to bring their products to every home and workplace. Various kinds of AI have been here for a while, but it’s generative AI (and large language models [LLMs]) that completely changed the risk landscape.