Preventing the Next Major API Breach: Vorlon’s Mission

But the enormous growth of API usage — around half of all internet traffic — is putting businesses’ data at risk. Cybersecurity startup Vorlon says it helps businesses protect their data from such incidents using its platform, and raised $15.7 million to improve its technology. Founded in 2022 by former Palo Alto Networks executives Amir Khayat and Amichay Spivak, Vorlon analyzes network traffic to detect and remediate potential API abuse in real-time. Vorlon uses AI to analyze and map all the API communication it monitors and translate it into human-readable language. Khayat said Vorlon doesn’t send chatbot data anywhere; instead, it sends user queries to its own databases, and the chatbot will return the information from the startup’s database.

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology reigns supreme, application programming interfaces (APIs) have become the foundation of our online activities. These links allow different internet-connected devices and applications to communicate with each other, making our digital lives easier and more efficient.

However, with the exponential growth of API usage, accounting for nearly half of all internet traffic, businesses must be cautious. The increasing reliance on APIs also brings a growing concern for data security. Granting third-party access to API functions can leave companies vulnerable to malicious attacks, potentially compromising sensitive information.

Amidst these risks, cybersecurity startup Vorlon presents a solution to safeguard businesses’ data. The company recently raised $15.7 million to further enhance its platform and continuously improve its technology.

Founded in 2022 by former executives of Palo Alto Networks, Amir Khayat and Amichay Spivak, Vorlon’s platform actively monitors network traffic to detect and prevent potential API abuse in real-time.

According to Khayat, the technology performs thorough analyses and immediately notifies the user of any concerning issues, enabling them to take swift action.

Furthermore, Vorlon also offers continuous observation of a company’s APIs and keeps track of updates made by vendors, providing businesses with a better understanding of their exposure or potential risks, as explained by Khayat.

The platform’s AI-powered technology examines and maps all API communications and translates them into an understandable format for users. This allows for a comprehensive summary of third-party applications. Additionally, Vorlon also offers an AI chatbot that enables businesses to search for security-related information in natural language, further enhancing user experience.

Partner at Accel, Steve Loughlin, praises Vorlon’s ability to significantly reduce the time between threat detection and resolution, citing it as the reason behind the technology’s effectiveness.

Among early customers since its platform launch in February, Vorlon boasts prominent names such as Hubspot, SafeBreach, and Vivun, a presales engineering platform. The company also highlights significant demand from the healthcare and financial sectors, with a target audience of enterprises with a minimum of 1,500 employees.

The Delaware-based startup, with a Tel Aviv-based subsidiary for research and development, currently employs 22 individuals and plans to expand its workforce with the recent funding. The Series A round, led by Accel, saw participation from Shield Capital and prominent cybersecurity angel investors, including Slavik Markovich, Rishi Bhargava, Dan Sarel, and Guy Rinat, who have worked closely with Vorlon’s co-founders in the past.

Other key investors include former CEO of Exabeam, Nir Polak, and Chief Technology Officer of Fox Corporation, Paul Cheesborough.

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