“Experience Effortless Browsing: Arc Browser Introduces Live Folders for Automatic Tab Updates”

Live Folders 1
Live Folders comes as the company also builds out more AI-powered features to create more dynamic and automated user experiences. The company is launching Live Folders initially with GitHub pull request support. When a user creates a GitHub pull request, Arc automatically creates a Live Folder in the sidebar. When it asked users about support for types of systems for the Live Folders feature, GitHub was the top requested service. It added that the tech behind Live Folders is flexible, so it could also adopt things like updates from RSS feeds.

The Browser Company Secures $50 Million in Funding, Valued at $550 Million

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The Browser Company, which makes the Arc browser, has raised $50 million in a round led by Pace Capital at a $550 million valuation, TechCrunch has learned exclusively. However, in January, the company released the Arc Search app on iOS, focusing on putting AI-powered search at its center. This is ingrained in the DNA of The Browser Company. Paul Frazee, who built a decentralized browser called Beaker, said that scaling a browser product is hard as people are set in their way and making them switch is tough. The Browser Company has a big ambition to build an “internet computer” for users.

“Clever, Yet Imperfect: The Latest AI-Enhanced ‘Pinch-to-Summarize’ Feature on Arc Browser”

Arc Search 1
The Browser company’s Arc, a browser focused on a less cluttered web experience, launched a new feature in its mobile app Arc Search that uses AI to summarize web pages. However, in our testing, the AI summaries themselves often miss the mark. Other users have also pointed out that the summary feature doesn’t work well with other languages. That said, there is also a problem with AI-powered summary features in other places as well. Additionally, Arc updated its “Browse for me” AI-powered search to make the pages generated as search results sharable.

Discover the Ultimate Search Partner: Arc’s Revolutionary iPhone Browser

Arc Search
The Browser Company launched the Arc’s first iPhone companion app last year, allowing users to save links for consumption on the desktop application later. The firm has now released a new mobile app, called Arc Search, that aims to focus on the search experience. type a search query and tap “browse for me” – we'll then go read 6 webpages on your behalf… …and create THE PERFECT TAB to answer your query. Notably, last week, the Browser Company announced that users can set Preplexity as their default search engine on the Arc’s desktop client. Arc Search browser also archives tabs after 1 day (this is customizable) to save you from tab overload.

“Reviving the Popularity of Venture Debt: Arc’s Mission”

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Venture debt has its merits. That’s why it’s interesting that startup finance company Arc Technologies is choosing now to take on the $30 billion venture debt industry with a venture debt marketplace for Silicon Valley. There’s a larger pool of debt capital that’s now available to these companies because they’re stronger and more resilient. That’s what Arc is solving with its Arc Capital Markets debt marketplace. “We want to help founders and CFOs weather the ongoing storm in the venture capital funding route and ensure that they’re continuing to grow efficiently with minimal dilution.”