Discover the Ultimate Search Partner: Arc’s Revolutionary iPhone Browser

The Browser Company launched the Arc’s first iPhone companion app last year, allowing users to save links for consumption on the desktop application later. The firm has now released a new mobile app, called Arc Search, that aims to focus on the search experience. type a search query and tap “browse for me” – we'll then go read 6 webpages on your behalf… …and create THE PERFECT TAB to answer your query. Notably, last week, the Browser Company announced that users can set Preplexity as their default search engine on the Arc’s desktop client. Arc Search browser also archives tabs after 1 day (this is customizable) to save you from tab overload.

The Browser Company recently launched the Arc Search, a mobile app designed to revolutionize the search experience. This new addition complements the Arc’s first iPhone companion app, which allows users to save links for later browsing on their desktop application.

Arc Search boasts a marquee feature powered by AI technology, called “Browse for me.” With this feature, users can simply type in their search query and tap on the button to have the app gather information from multiple web pages and compile it into a neatly organized webpage.

The app utilizes models from OpenAI and other sources to read at least six web pages, extract relevant information, and present it in different sections. For example, when searching for “How to make a perfectly poached egg,” Arc Search generates a page with sections on “Ingredients and Tools,” “Poaching technique,” “Cooking process,” and additional tips. It also includes helpful photos and videos.

Another impressive feature is the app’s ability to provide a concise summary of a topic. When asked about the changes made by Apple in response to DMA, Arc Search creates a summary with the key announcements from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The app also has a “Dive Deeper” section where users can explore additional links related to their search query. These pages are not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing, featuring YouTube embeds, verified quotes, and more.

However, sharing these pages with others is not currently an option unless a screenshot is taken.

Other notable features of Arc Search include:

  • Ability to use Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Ecosia as the default search engine
  • Reader mode for easy reading of webpages
  • Bookmarks
  • Automatic blocking of GDPR and newsletter popups, ads, and trackers
  • Automatic archiving of tabs after 1 day
  • Tab switching through the bottom bar or swiping from the left edge of the screen
  • No folder system for bookmarks

When asked about the reasoning behind building the app this way, The Browser Company’s CEO Josh Miller explained on X that their goal was to create the fastest and most efficient way of looking up information, as that is what most people use their phone browsers for. This led them to place the search bar in the center of the app and open it with a keyboard, allowing users to start typing their query immediately.

With the creation feature, Arc Search aims to provide a user experience similar to interacting with an AI agent. It does the heavy lifting of searching, summarizing, and presenting information in a visually appealing way. This approach is reminiscent of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Perplexity AI. However, Arc Search stands out by combining features of both AI-powered page summarization and assistance in writing posts.

The Browser Company plans to merge both of its browser clients in the future and introduce cross-browser syncing. Additionally, the company is working on its own syncing experience, as it cannot rely solely on iCloud with the rollout of its Windows client. Currently, the Windows client is in beta and still utilizes a waitlist system, but The Browser Company aims to eventually have a low-barrier entry point for users to start browsing without creating an account.

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