“Vector Databases: The Rising Star in the Age of AI Hype”

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Why vector databases are having a moment as the AI hype cycle peaks GenAI spurs demand for vector search startups, but database giants are also taking noteVector databases are all the rage, judging by the number of startups entering the space and the investors ponying up for a piece of the pie. “Working with visual search and robotics at Amazon was when I really looked at vector search — I was thinking about new ways to do product discovery, and that very quickly converged on vector search,” Clark told TechCrunch. “I think the same is likely to happen with vector databases,” Zaitsev told TechCrunch. “Our pitch is, ‘we do advanced vector search in the best way possible.’ It is all about specialization. At some point, users will face limitations if vector search is a critical component of your solution.”

Introducing Meta’s AI Chatbot, Empowered by Llama 3, to Enhance User Experience in All Apps

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Chasing after other popular services in the market such as those from OpenAI, Mark Zuckerberg claimed today that Meta AI is possibly the “most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use.”Meta first rolled out Meta AI in the U.S. last year. Meta said that it plans to keep Meta AI in test mode in India. New featuresUsers could already ask Meta AI for writing or recipe suggestions. Plus, they can ask Meta AI to animate an image or turn an image into a GIF. All AI things everywhere at onceMeta is adopting the approach of having Meta AI available in as many places as it can.

Embark on a Revolutionary Search Experience with AI-Enhanced Brave Search

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Privacy-focused search engine Brave announced Wednesday that it is revamping its answer engine to return AI-powered synthesized answers. Brave said that informational queries, such as the one listed about the new answer engine, will automatically rely on AI to present information in a summarized format. “The user only needs to enter a query as they are used to doing with a regular search engine. Multiple reports have pointed out that AI-powered search could have grave effects on the future of the web. “This challenge is not unique to Brave Search but present across most AI-powered answer engines and chatbots, premium or open.

WhatsApp Introduces Enhanced Filtering Capability for Streamlined Message Search

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WhatsApp on Tuesday announced a handful of new chat filters for the app to access certain types of messages easily: All, Unread, and Groups. The “Unread” filter is helpful in looking at messages you might not have seen. It also helps you get to inbox zero and get rid of the annoying number of unread chat indicators. Notably, WhatsApp already had a way to look at unread messages through a filter in the search bar. WhatsApp said that the filter option starts will be rolling out to users starting today and will be available to all users in a few weeks.

Threads evaluates newly implemented search filters

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Meta-owned social network Threads is finally testing a “Recent” filter to sort search results by the latest. “We’re starting to test this with a small number of people, so it’s easier to find relevant search results in real-time,” he said in a reply to a user. A user part of the test posted that they could see “Top” and “Recent” filters on the search results screen. They noted that the “Recent” filter isn’t strictly chronological, but it shows the latest posts better than the “Top” filter. Earlier this year, the company accidentally rolled out the option to sort search results by the latest.

Experimenting with AI Search Functionality: Meta Trials on Instagram

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Apart from testing Meta AI chatbot with users in countries like India on WhatsApp, the company is also experimenting with putting Meta AI in the Instagram search bar for both chat with AI and content discovery. The search query in the search bar leads you to a conversation in DM with Meta AI, where you can ask questions or use one of the pre-loaded prompts. Separately, a few users TechCrunch talked to were able to ask Meta AI to search for Reels suggestions. Meta confirmed its Meta AI experiment on Instagram with TechCrunch. You can find a ton of posts about the quality of Instagram search.

It’s Clear: Pinterest is Megan Thee Stallion’s Go-To App

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On the panel, Megan Thee Stallion said she loved the app because it allows her to curate exactly what she wants to see and listed topics ranging from puppies to makeup and workout videos. Megan Thee Stallion talking about her favorite app being Pinterest during ADWeek’s Social Media Week event. — Stallion Stats (@MegansStats) April 10, 2024Megan thee Stallion did not respond to TechCrunch’s request for comment. Megan Thee Stallion has a vested interest in Pinterest, having previously worked with the company. It’s true many of them have brand profiles, but it’s likely they also have their own private accounts, like Megan Thee Stallion insinuated during her panel.

Simplifying Agent Creation with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Agent Builder

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AI agents are the new hot craze in generative AI. On Tuesday at Google Cloud Next, the company introduced a new tool to help companies build AI agents. “Vertex AI Agent Builder allows people to very easily and quickly build conversational agents,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said. In this case, it’s relying on Google Search (which in reality could or could not be accurate). “We’re now bringing you grounding in Google Search, bringing the power of the world’s knowledge that Google Search offers through our grounding service to models.

Police Tapping Tech Companies: The Secretive Tactics of ‘Reverse’ Data Searches

Geofence Warrants
With the aim of identifying criminal suspects, U.S. police departments are increasingly relying on a controversial surveillance practice to demand large amounts of users’ data from tech companies. So-called “reverse” searches allow law enforcement and federal agencies to force big tech companies, like Google, to turn over information from their vast stores of user data. Reverse searches effectively cast a digital dragnet over a tech company’s store of user data to catch the information that police are looking for. Microsoft, Snap, Uber and Yahoo (which owns TechCrunch) have all received reverse orders for user data. Some companies choose not to store user data and others scramble the data so it can’t be accessed by anyone other than the user.

“Pixel 8 to Receive Game-Changing On-Device AI-Powered Features from Google”

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Google announced today that it will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features such as recording summaries and smart replies on the Pixel 8. These features will be based on Gemini Nano, a small-sized model Google released last year, primed to run on devices. The company announced these features last October during the Pixel 8 launch. In January, Google introduced “Circle to Search” for select Pixel and Samsung Devices. The company announced this week that more Pixel and Sasmung phones along with select tablets will get Circle to Search feature.