“Experienceing UTI Symptoms? Discover the Solution with Vivoo’s Convenient At-Home Test”

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Vivoo brings the answer to that question closer to homeThe trend we noticed at last year’s CES continues: Startups are really curious about your bodily fluids. The company already offers a broad range of at-home tests, and launched a new test that can detect urinary tract infections (UTIs). Vivoo’s At-Home UTI Test streamlines the diagnostic process for UTIs, which affect an astonishing 150 million people globally each year. For women, who represent 60% of UTI sufferers in the United States, Vivoo’s product may prove to be a game-changer. Vivoo’s journey in transforming personal health management began with the launch of its ‘smart toilet’ at CES last year, which received accolades for its role in early health condition detection.