“Experienceing UTI Symptoms? Discover the Solution with Vivoo’s Convenient At-Home Test”

Vivoo brings the answer to that question closer to homeThe trend we noticed at last year’s CES continues: Startups are really curious about your bodily fluids. The company already offers a broad range of at-home tests, and launched a new test that can detect urinary tract infections (UTIs). Vivoo’s At-Home UTI Test streamlines the diagnostic process for UTIs, which affect an astonishing 150 million people globally each year. For women, who represent 60% of UTI sufferers in the United States, Vivoo’s product may prove to be a game-changer. Vivoo’s journey in transforming personal health management began with the launch of its ‘smart toilet’ at CES last year, which received accolades for its role in early health condition detection.

The curious trend of startups focusing on bodily fluids that was seen at last year’s CES continues with Vivoo. This company has been making waves with its range of at-home testing kits and has recently launched a new product that specifically targets urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Vivoo’s At-Home UTI Test aims to simplify the process of diagnosing UTIs, a condition that affects a staggering 150 million individuals worldwide each year. The company has found a unique way to utilize your phone’s camera, using it to analyze the color readout of the test strip. It then provides personalized advice and context for the results through its free app.

For women, who make up 60% of UTI sufferers in the United States, Vivoo’s product could be a game-changer. Many people suspect they have a UTI, but avoid seeing a doctor for it. With the option to test from the comfort of their own home, the process is significantly shortened. Additionally, the free app offers educational resources, aligning with the company’s goal of making healthcare knowledge accessible to all.

Vivoo’s journey towards revolutionizing personal health management began with the debut of its ‘smart toilet’ at CES last year. The device was praised for its ability to detect early signs of health conditions.

Boasting a user base of over 200,000 and an expanding collection of at-home tests, including wellness indicators such as hydration and vitamin levels, Vivoo has partnered with Target and established a global distribution network. This move is set to make personalized health management a reality for millions worldwide.

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