“Experience the new Gemini Nano AI model on Pixel 8 and 8a with Google’s latest June feature update”

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Google is finally making its Gemini Nano AI model available to Pixel 8 and 8a users after teasing it in March. The June Pixel drop will allow users to access the model as a developer option. Apart from that, the feature drop includes Display Port connectivity support for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a, reverse phone number lookup for unknown numbers, fall and crash detection for Pixel Watch 2, and doorbell notifications on the Pixel tablet. The update brings manual lens picking in the camera to the Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and Pixel Fold. Pixel WatchThe newest Pixel drop brings car crash detection to the Pixel Watch 2.

Apple Implements ChatGPT into its Apps, Featuring Siri

Openai And Chatgpt
Apple is bringing ChatGPT, OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot experience, to Siri and other first-party apps and capabilities across its operating systems. You can include photos with the questions you ask ChatGPT via Siri, or ask questions related to your docs or PDFs. Apple’s also integrated ChatGPT into system-wide writing tools like Writing Tools, which lets you create content with ChatGPT — including images — or ask an initial idea and send it to ChatGPT to get a revision or variation back. ChatGPT integrations will arrive on iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and MacOS Sequoia later this year, Apple says, and will be free without the need to create a ChatGPT or OpenAI account. Subscribers to one of OpenAI’s ChatGPT premium plans will be able to access paid features within Siri and Apple’s other apps with ChatGPT integrations.

“Unlock the Power of Apple Intelligence: Enhancing Developer Experiences with SiriKit and App Intents”

Wwdc24 Sirikit 02
Apple Intelligence, Apple’s new generative AI offering, won’t only be a consumer-facing feature — developers will be able to take advantage of the latest technology too. In its keynote address at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, the company announced that developers would be able to integrate the experience powered by Apple Intelligence into their own apps. For this, Apple demonstrated how an app like Bear Notes would automatically be able to allow users to rewrite, proofread and summarize their notes. The App Intents framework, which allows for lightweight app-like interactions without the app being installed, will also gain access to Apple Intelligence. Image Credits: AppleThese intents are defined and tested so they’re easier for developers to adopt, Apple claims.

“Starship Rocket Conquers Gravity: SpaceX’s History-Making Launch and Return”

Starship Rocket
But to reuse, you have to recover, and SpaceX is proving that it will be able to do just that with Starship. The ultimate goal is to fly Super Heavy and the Starship upper stage back to Starbase, SpaceX’s private Starship launch and development site in southeast Texas, where they’d make vertical landings on solid ground. Starship lifted off from Starbase at 8:50 AM CT, the fourth launch in the rocket test campaign. A little over an hour after launch, Starship followed suit, surviving the extreme heat from traveling through the Earth’s atmosphere at hypersonic speeds and splashing down in the Indian Ocean. During that test, SpaceX also tested capabilities that will be key for delivering payload to space, including opening and closing the payload door.

Introducing Substack’s Enhanced Chat Feature with Video Capability

Subtack Video Chat
Newsletter platform Substack is introducing the ability for writers to send videos to their subscribers via Chat, its direct messaging feature, the company announced on Wednesday. The rollout of video in Chat comes two months after the newsletter platform brought videos to Notes, its X/Twitter copycat that lets users share short-form content. To share a video in Substack Chat, writers can open a new chat and click on the plus icon in the bottom left corner. Substack also provides the option to add a caption, put the video behind a paywall, as well as email subscribers about the video. Additionally, writers who allow subscribers to start their own chat threads will now also be able to share their own videos.

Thousands of Companies Face Fresh Disaster as Firewall Bug Plagues Palo Alto Networks

Scanning Computer Group
Palo Alto Networks urged companies this week to patch against a newly discovered zero-day vulnerability in one of its widely used security products, after malicious hackers began exploiting the bug to break into corporate networks. Because the vulnerability allows hackers to gain complete control of an affected firewall over the internet without authentication, Palo Alto gave the bug a maximum severity rating. The ease with which hackers can remotely exploit the bug puts thousands of companies that rely on the firewalls at risk from intrusions. Adding another complication, Palo Alto initially suggested disabling telemetry to mitigate the vulnerability, but said this week that disabling telemetry does not prevent exploitation. Security firm Volexity, which first discovered and reported the vulnerability to Palo Alto, said it found evidence of malicious exploitation going back to March 26, some two weeks before Palo Alto released fixes.

“Unlocking the Potential of Kubernetes Clusters with Loft Labs’ Virtualization Innovation”

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It may seem like a paradox to have virtualized Kubernetes clusters. Loft Labs saw a similar problem with resource utilization in Kubernetes clusters that VMware saw with server utilization, and has built a virtualization tool to make them more efficient by sharing common underlying applications. Loft Labs lets users share these common applications with multiple virtual clusters in the same way that VMs share server resources. “We’re essentially turning many clusters into one cluster, and then have virtual clusters on top of the common applications,” CEO Lukas Gentele told TechCrunch. And the thing that we learned was the problem of sharing Kubernetes clusters, isolating tenants in the cluster and how hard it is.

“Prime Video and Freevee: Immerse Yourself in the World of Shoppable Videos with Amazon Live”

Amazon Live Prime
Amazon is trying to keep live shopping relevant with the launch of an “Amazon Live” FAST (free ad-supported TV) channel on Prime Video and Freevee. Previously only available as a feature on desktop, mobile, and Fire TV, the new live channel will give customers in the U.S. more ways to engage with interactive, shoppable content. Viewers can browse and buy the items influencers show off by using the Amazon Shopping app on their mobile device. Amazon Live launched in 2019 as a QVC-like shopping experience to help brands get their products discovered and for talent to interact with fans. According to the company, more than 1 billion customers in the U.S. and India streamed Amazon Live’s shoppable videos in 2023 alone.

“Revolutionizing Three-Wheeler Transportation: Exponent Energy’s Rapid 15-Minute Charging for India”

Exponent Energy 15 Minute Charging Three Wheeler
Currently, Exponent Energy has 60 charging stations in six cities: Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Vinayak told TechCrunch that Exponent Energy’s charging stations offer 10x efficiency by charging 20 to 30 vehicles daily, whereas other EV charging stations typically charge two vehicles. Similarly, setting up an Exponent charging station costs nearly $6,000 (500,000 Indian rupees), while a CNG station demands hundreds and thousands of dollars. This has restricted the availability of CNG to around 60 stations in Bengaluru, while Exponent Energy already has 40 charging stations in the city, the executive said. It is also looking to deploy its charging tech on electric buses in India later this year.

“Revolutionizing Security Tools with Simbian’s AI Integration”

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After leaving Nvidia in 2010, Kumar pivoted to cybersecurity, eventually co-founding Fortanix, a cloud data security platform. Leveraging AI, Simbian can automatically orchestrate and operate existing security tools, finding the right configurations for each product by taking into account a company’s priorities and thresholds for security, informed by their business requirements. A separate study found that organizations now juggle on average 76 different security tools, leading IT teams and leaders to feel overwhelmed. In addition to automatically configuring a company’s security tools, the Simbian platform attempts to respond to “security events” by letting customers steer security while taking care of lower-level details. But that assumes Simbian’s AI doesn’t make mistakes, a tall order, given that it’s well established that AI is error-prone.