Apple condemns DOJ’s “misguided” iPhone to Android transformation effort

Appleevent.sep14keynote.tim Cook.01
Apple is dubbing the litigation misguided and warning the DOJ risks trashing all the things its customers value about its integrated mobile ecosystem. In an on-the-record statement provided to TechCrunch, Apple said:This lawsuit threatens who we are and the principles that set Apple products apart in fiercely competitive markets. The suit claims Apple holds a more than 70% share of “performance smartphones” and over 65% of the US smartphone market, respectively. But they are also aggressively briefing that the DOJ case will fail. In today’s briefing Apple also claimed the DOJ’s case has changed tack multiple times (it suggests at least six) over the four years it’s been in formulation.

“Baffling Move: Binance Launches Crypto Perfume to Attract Female Audience”

Crypto Perfume Binance
What does crypto smell like? To celebrate International Women’s Day, Binance launched a splashy campaign to urge women to get into crypto through the power of… fragrance. But even as more women enter the industry, the crypto sphere has struggled shake the stench of a men’s locker room. Boston Consulting Group found that only 7% of web3 founders are women, and among top crypto startups, 27% of employees are women. But the messaging gets confused such that the idea of crypto perfume can come across as patronizing moreso than funny.