“Tech Giants Make Strides: Carta’s Controversial Moves, Samsung’s Upgraded Ballie, and Volkswagen Introduces ChatGPT for Vehicles”

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In this edition of WiR, we cover Carta’s allegedly unethical tactics, Samsung’s Ballie home robot, Volkswagen bringing ChatGPT into its cars and Amazon embracing more generative AI. Saarinen alleged in a LinkedIn post that Carta misused sensitive information that startups entrust to the company in pursuit of its own goals. Samsung’s Ballie returns: Remember Ballie, Samsung’s spherical home robot from CES 2020? Volkswagen cars get ChatGPT: Volkswagen is getting into the ChatGPT game. Enterprises skeptical of GenAI: Generative AI gets a lot of press, from image-generating tools like Midjourney to Runway to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

“CES 2024: Samsung Unveils Upgraded Home Robot, Ballie, Making a Return”

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Remember Ballie, Samsung’s spherical home robot from CES 2020? I sure didn’t — until Samsung brought it back at this year’s keynote with a few on-trend AI upgrades. The new and improved Ballie, which Samsung previewed during its press conference at CES 2024 in Las Vegas today, is around the size of a bowling ball, packing a battery that’s designed to last two to three hours. In the latter case, Ballie will respond with the aid of a chatbot to confirm requests before taking action. “With its built-in front [and] rear camera, [Ballie] can detect and analyze its surroundings and learn recurring user patterns,” Samsung continues in the press release.