Changes to Worldcoin’s Orb Verification Availability in India, Brazil, and France

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Worldcoin is no longer offering its Orb-verification service in India, Brazil, and France, just months after the crypto startup expanded the helmet-shaped eyeball-scanning verification device to those markets. The Orb, a five-pound chromatic sphere, scans an individual’s eyeballs and verifies their identity. “The multi-city tour kicked off in Tokyo in April 2023 and marked the first time people in many locations across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia were able to experience the Orb. Individuals can download World App, the startup’s protocol-compatible wallet software, and visit an Orb, the startup’s helmet-shaped eyeball-scanning verification device, to receive their World ID. More to follow…

“Cracking the Code: LPs in a Downturn Economy”

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Emerging fund managers have had a tough time these past few years, and there is no telling when it will get better. Her firm just closed a $23.4 million Fund II after two years of fundraising. Wilkinson has no plans to raise a third fund anytime soon but has some advice for those who are, given the looming uncertainty in the venture market. After 300 conversations with institutional LPs, I had an aha moment in which I realized that I did not want to primarily work with institutions in the future. Individual investors are very different from institutional investors in all the right ways, in my opinion.

Apple to Cease Providing Police Access to User Push Notification Data Without Warrant

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Apple said it will no longer give over records of users’ push notifications to law enforcement unless the company receives a valid judge’s order. For its part, Google requires a court-issued order before it will hand over push notification data. Apple did not respond to a request for comment, or say for what reason it previously allowed law enforcement to obtain users’ push notification data without a warrant. Push notifications appear as pop-up messages on a phone alerting the user to new messages, breaking news, and other app-based updates. Wyden said unnamed foreign governments are also demanding Apple and Google turn over users’ push notification data.