“Cracking the Code: LPs in a Downturn Economy”

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Emerging fund managers have had a tough time these past few years, and there is no telling when it will get better. Her firm just closed a $23.4 million Fund II after two years of fundraising. Wilkinson has no plans to raise a third fund anytime soon but has some advice for those who are, given the looming uncertainty in the venture market. After 300 conversations with institutional LPs, I had an aha moment in which I realized that I did not want to primarily work with institutions in the future. Individual investors are very different from institutional investors in all the right ways, in my opinion.

The Current State of New Venture Funds: An Investigation

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What is happening with all these new venture funds? A growing number of venture firms may be uncorking champagne ahead of the New Year. Today, a handful of investment firms announced new funds: Artis Ventures, BoxGroup, Playground Global and Singular all closed on funds, while Partech said it was launching a €360 million venture fund. Steph Choo, a partner at the venture firm Portage, maintains that it’s still a “tough fundraising environment.” She thinks what we’re seeing is the result of continued interest in funds with strong track records and distributions to paid-in capital. ), which may drive renewed interest next year.”In the meantime, LPs may not be responding so much to what’s around the corner in 2024 but looking across the longer horizon, particularly given that venture funds typically invest across a 10-year period.