Efficient and Capable: How’s Radar Satellites Leverage Machine Learning for Maximum Impact

Total Coverage just released the results from its first two radar satellites, which, thanks to machine learning, turn out to be competitive with larger, more old-school forecasting tech on Earth and in orbit. Weather prediction is complex for a lot of reasons, but the interplay between high-powered but legacy hardware (like radar networks and older satellites) and modern software is a big one. Space is, of course, the obvious place to invest, but weather infrastructure is prohibitively big and heavy.’s plan is to create a new space-based radar infrastructure with a modern twist. “We are working on providing real time precipitation data anywhere in the world, which we believe is a game changer in the field of weather forecasting,” Chowla said.

Anomalo’s Data Quality Methodology Using Machine Learning is Booming

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When Anomalo’s co-founders left Instacart in 2018, they thought they could put machine learning to work to solve data quality problems inherent in large data sets. Five years later, the company’s idea is even more relevant as data quality takes center stage with large language models. Today, the startup announced a $33 million Series B, equaling their 2021 Series A and bringing the total raised to $72 million, according to the company. As companies store increasingly large amounts of data in cloud storage and data warehouses like Databricks and Snowflake, this need has only become more pronounced, he says. SignalFire led the $33 million Series B investment with participation from strategic investor Databricks Ventures.

“Exciting News: $2,400 CNC Mill Coming Soon from Coast Runner!”

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Coast Runner, is a new entrant in the desktop CNC milling industry, promising to make the technology accessible to everyone, from professionals to hobbyists. Coast Runner is breaking down the barriers of traditional CNC milling with a focus on power, compact size, and most importantly, education. Moreover, Coast Runner is developing a bounty board system where users can pay others to create designs or mill parts if they lack the necessary skills. The Coast Runner machine is aiming to be both affordable and powerful. “We are making one of the most powerful desktop CNC machines you’ll find in the marketplace.

“Cooking for Your Four-Legged Companion: Simplified with ChefPaw’s Healthy Recipes”

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ChefPaw is an machine designed to prepare homemade dog food. The appliance aims to provide an alternative to store-bought dog food, focusing on fresh ingredients tailored to individual pet dietary needs – and saving a ton of money along the way. It turns out that fresh-ingredient food for your four-legged furbaby is hella expensive, and ChefPaw wants to make it easier to make your own. ChefPaw operates by adding fresh ingredients into the machine, which then mixes and cooks the food at lower temperatures, a process taking approximately 40 minutes. The machine can roughly chop the food to take the shape of usual dog food, or blend it more smoothly for pets that have difficulties eating after surgery, for example.

A deeper exploration of the Rownd tabletop CNC lathe

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In an era where DIY culture and personal manufacturing are rising, Rownd Lathe is an exciting new player. This compact CNC lathe is a fun gateway to creativity, enabling users to effortlessly shape and form a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and plastic. For amateur machinists, entry-level CNC mills have been around for a hot minute (Bantam is the brand that immediately springs to mind), but CNC lathes have been conspicuously absent from the market. Ease of use is central to the Rownd Lathe experience. This touch interface also allows for manual machine control, or you can upload Gcode to run the machine like any other CNC lathe.