Wagely: Revolutionizing FinTech in Indonesia Through Empowering the Unbanked

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In 2022, Walmart acquired earned wage access provider Even to offer early pay access to its employees. Other big U.S. companies, including Amazon, McDonald’s and Uber, also offer employees early wage access programs. Like other earned wage access providers, Wagely charges a nominal flat membership fee to employees withdrawing their salaries early. “This is something that no other competitor is even close to because other earned wage access companies are focusing on different things,” he said. One of the areas where global earned wage access providers have shifted their focus nowadays is lending — in some cases, to lend money to employers.

“Groundbreaking Achievement: Intuitive Machines Successfully Lands First Commercial Spacecraft on the Moon”

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Intuitive Machines has landed a spacecraft on the lunar surface, in a historic first for a private company. “What we can confirm without a doubt is that our equipment is on the surface of the moon and we are transmitting,” mission director and Intuitive Machines CTO Tim Crain said. Instead, the lander leveraged one of the onboard payloads, NASA’s laser and doppler lidar sensors, to guide the spacecraft to the lunar surface. All in all, Intuitive Machines’ contract is worth a little less than $118 million. Intuitive Machines’ victory comes shortly after another CLPS awardee, Astrobotic, failed to put its lander on the moon.

Veho, the delivery startup, reduces corporate workforce.

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Veho, a package delivery company, confirmed that it laid off 19% of its employee headcount, or about 65 jobs. As first reported by The Information, these layoffs came after Veho grew revenue nearly 90% in 2023. That was after announcing $125 million in Series A funding two months prior, the round that pushed Veho into unicorn territory. At that time, Veho said it had 910 employees across corporate and warehouse teams and was looking to fill additional positions. Veho remains optimistic, telling TechCrunch that its capital position “is very strong and we are building on our strong momentum and record peak season in 2023.”

SLIM Mission of Japan Successfully Lands on Moon but Time is Ticking Away

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Japan’s long-planned Smart Lander for Investigating Moon has successfully touched down on the lunar surface, making the nation the fifth in history to do so. But all is not well for SLIM, which may have a limited lease on life due to trouble with its solar cells. In a press conference following the early-morning (local time) landing on the Moon, the directors of JAXA and the mission explained that “The soft landing was itself successful; SLIM has been communicating and it receiving commands. However, as the other sensors are working correctly and showing healthy values, they feel confident it is limited to the solar cells themselves. The initial press conference was primarily to announce the initial success of a soft landing and functioning lunar lander.

Free AI-Enabled Reading Tutor by Microsoft Now Available

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Microsoft today made Reading Coach, its AI-powered tool that provides learners with personalized reading practice, available at no cost to anyone with a Microsoft account. As of this morning, Reading Coach is accessible on the web in preview — a Windows app is forthcoming. And soon (in late spring), Reading Coach will integrate with learning management systems such as Canva, Microsoft says. Inspired by the success of Reading Progress (evidently), Microsoft launched Reading Coach in 2022 as a part of Teams for Education and Immersive Reader, the company’s cross-platform assistive service for language and reading comprehension. “Reading Coach intrinsically motivates learners to continue advancing their skills in several ways,” Microsoft continues.

Cutting-Edge Farm Technology: Revolutionary Modular Robotics Designed for Diverse Agricultural Tasks

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Farm work is tough on the body and requires long hours in sometimes extreme environments. It can also be difficult to hire and retain staff in a category that frequently relies on migrant workers. We’ve seen a number of startups attempt to automate field work over the past decade. The company’s first system, Amiga, is modular, allowing it to be deployed for a broad range of tasks. In this study we saw the number of weekly labor hours reduced by 50% – 80%.

“Cooking for Your Four-Legged Companion: Simplified with ChefPaw’s Healthy Recipes”

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ChefPaw is an machine designed to prepare homemade dog food. The appliance aims to provide an alternative to store-bought dog food, focusing on fresh ingredients tailored to individual pet dietary needs – and saving a ton of money along the way. It turns out that fresh-ingredient food for your four-legged furbaby is hella expensive, and ChefPaw wants to make it easier to make your own. ChefPaw operates by adding fresh ingredients into the machine, which then mixes and cooks the food at lower temperatures, a process taking approximately 40 minutes. The machine can roughly chop the food to take the shape of usual dog food, or blend it more smoothly for pets that have difficulties eating after surgery, for example.

Spicing Up Automatic Medicine Dispensers with My Memo Technology

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Every few years, a new startup takes a stab at automatic pill dispensers to help with drug adherence and to prevent people from accidentally dosing more than they should. Makes sense: For many of us, as we get older, more and more medicines join the lineup that keeps us ticking along. Unfortunately, memories get fuzzy, and forgetting to take — or doubling up — medicines can have disastrous consequences. The company takes a fresh look at the market, with a good-looking device to keep its users’ medicine intake on track. My Memo is a closed box that makes the medicines inside inaccessible — helpful to prevent casual theft and child safety, for example.

“How GitHub’s Copilot Chat Enables Developers to Easily Seek Code Assistance”

Earlier this year, GitHub rolled out Copilot Chat, a ChatGPT-like programming-centric chatbot, for organizations subscribed to Copilot for Business. Copilot Chat more recently came to individual Copilot customers — those paying $10 per month — in beta. “And code complete was just the beginning.”Little else about Copilot Chat has changed since the beta. Developers can prompt Copilot Chat in natural language to get real-time guidance, for example asking Copilot Chat to explain concepts, detect vulnerabilities or write unit tests. Like all generative AI models, the model underpinning Copilot Chat, GPT-4, was trained on publicly available data — some of which is copyrighted or under a restrictive license.

Google Aims to Address German Antitrust Worries Regarding Bundling of Automotive Services

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It also objected to Google limiting or refusing to allow interoperability of services included in GAS with third-party services. “We are particularly concerned about the compulsory bundling of services with great market strength and reach with services that are less strong. “Google is also prepared to eliminate its contractual provisions on setting Google services as default applications or displaying them prominently in the infotainment platform,” the FCO also noted. The question of whether Google’s proposals will result in an unbundled offering of Google’s services in the automotive sector will be decisive in this context,” it added. Which may give the FCO reason enough to continue its scrutiny of Google Maps in the meanwhile.