funding “Revolutionizing South Africa’s Solar Adoption: How Hohm Energy Secured $8M for Rooftop Expansion”

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In the latest development, three-year-old Hohm Energy, which connects homeowners and businesses with accredited solar installers, product suppliers, and embedded solar finance in South Africa, has raised $8 million in seed investment. The funding, whose first tranche of $4.25 million came in Q4 2022, is the largest seed round for a tech startup in South Africa, according to Hohm Energy. Hohm Energy says its solution was built as an alternative and sustainable energy source for over 7 million addressable households connected to South Africa’s national grid. Hohm Energy would then generate a final engineering proposal and present it to its banking partners for financing approval. “We are thrilled to announce our inaugural investment in Hohm Energy.

“Expanding Horizons: Instagram Unveils Global Marketplace for Brands and Creators in 8 Exciting Nations”

Instagram Creator Marketplace
Instagram said today that it is expanding its marketplace tool to connect brands with creators for paid partnerships or ads in eight new countries. Meta added that apart from making the platform available to the brands in these eight countries, it will also invite Chinese export brands to connect with creators outside of China. Marketers can approach creators for a paid partnership or even a partnership ad, which allows advertisers to boost organic content as ads. On the marketplace, Meta helps brands match with relevant creators for a particular marketing campaign through its machine learning algorithm. Instagram’s rivals like Snap, YouTube, and TikTok all offer creator marketplace functionality.

“Breaking Records: PadSplit’s Affordable Shared Housing Market Surpasses 10K+ Units”

Padsplit Team
“The largest portion of anyone’s income almost always goes toward housing costs,” founder and CEO Atticus LeBlanc told TechCrunch. “And if you look around, you know that housing costs are skyrocketing, as much as 40% in some markets. Most notably, active members have saved $2.6 million monthly and around $47.4 million in total savings generated. “The life-changing results speak for themselves… These incredible results have led PadSplit residents to purchase their own vehicles, traditional apartments, launch their own companies and buy their own homes,” added LeBlanc. PadSplit, meanwhile, reports that the average monthly cost to live in one of its units is $729.

“The Surge of Startups Driven by Growing Demand for Eco-Friendly Packaging”

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An increasing consumer appetite for sustainable packaging is powering a new wave of startupsWith the packaging market being valued at as much as €1 trillion globally it’s become a ripe field for startups to engage this market with digital products that can bring efficiency to a highly traditional industry. This is perhaps why Packmatic, a Berlin-based digital packaging marketplace has raised a €15 million Series A round led by EQT Ventures. These packaging startups tend to be attacking the same kinds of problems for both businesses and consumers. Packmatic says its marketplace network of over 300 packaging suppliers across Europe, is able to match large companies and FMCG brands with specialized packaging suppliers. Key to this is accessing sustainable packaging.

“Construction Companies to Benefit from Bulk Exchange’s $4.5M Boost for Material Sourcing Needs”

Rebar Construction
Bulk Exchange, a startup building a marketplace that lets construction companies and contractors buy and dispose materials in bulk, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding. If Bulk Exchange can get enough providers on to its platform, estimators may be able to execute their work more quickly. Second, once contracts are signed, Bulk Exchange can convert estimates into sales by linking buyers and sellers on the platform. Instead, Bulk Exchange intends to charge for its services similar to a SaaS model. If Bulk Exchange can scale and collect lots of data, it could have a second business and revenue stream in time.

“Soum receives $18M in funding to expand in the MENA region as a re-commerce leader”

Soum Cofounders Bader Almubarak Fahad Alhassan And Fahad Albassam Min
The global re-commerce market is poised for growth as consumers increasingly settle for pre-owned goods to save on cost, and as some observe conscious consumption. With the global re-commerce market expected to continue its growth spurt, C2C marketplaces like Saudi Arabia’s Soum are looking to capture users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Soum was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2021, and is now eyeing growth expansion to other MENA countries, beginning with the United Arabs Emirates. Beyond expansion, the startup, whose top listings are electronics, is also increasing the categories it covers by including products like automobiles and collectibles. This is the preposition that Soum brings to the table.”Soum manages the entire process from listing to delivery.

“Retail Revolution: Qogita Secures $86M Series B Funding to Challenge Ankorstore in Europe’s Wholesale Market”

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Qogita – a two-sided ecommerce wholesale marketplace aimed at retailers largely in the health and beauty sectors – has raised €80 million ($86 million) in a Series B round led by London’s Dawn Capital and Accel. Targeting SME e-commerce retailers businesses that want to deal with a more ‘all-in-one’ wholesale platform, Qogita is not dissimilar to in the US (which has raised $1.7 billion to date) and Ankorstore out of France (which has raised €365 million). In a statement, Norman Fiore, General Partner at Dawn Capital, said: “It is remarkable how complex and completely opaque product procurement still is for small and medium-sized businesses targeting the $6 trillion e-commerce market. Qogita has built an all-in-one platform to address the entire wholesale procurement process.”Luca Bocchio, Partner at Accel, also added: “The B2B wholesale market in Europe is huge, but also fragmented and complex. And in April, Ankorstore launched a new membership programme for independent retailers in Europe, removing minimum checkout amounts and waiving heavy/fragile shipping fees, plus a 90 day BNPL offer.