Zuckerberg’s Persuasive Pitch: Meta’s Push to Elevate AI Chip Presence in Asian Tech Market

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Zuckerberg reportedly met Samsung’s executives, including Samsung executive chairman Jay Y. Lee, Wednesday night to discuss potential collaborations around AI chips, semiconductors, and extended reality. Nvidia continues to dominate the global market for AI chips, leaving a big opportunity for countries that have traditionally been strong in processors or reignite their innovation instincts. To that end, the social media giant has been ramping up its efforts to secure AI chips, and has been working on its own in-house AI chip, Artemis, for its data centers. Big tech companies like Microsoft, OpenAI, Amazon, and Google have equally been scrambling for AI chips to support their AI ambitions. Just yesterday, Zuckerberg met LG Electronics CEO William Cho in Seoul during his tour of Asia.

“Firing Fears Dispelled: Byju’s Founder Denies Ouster Claimed by Shareholders”

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In a 758-word letter, content of which was reviewed by TechCrunch, Raveendran claimed that the shareholders violated several “essential” local rules. Raveendran claimed in the letter that the extraordinary general meeting lacked the minimum quorum and failed to win majority support for proposed resolutions. Raveendran claimed the EGM was convened without adhering to the procedures set out by law and only 35 of Byju’s 170 total shareholders attended, representing around 45% ownership in the company. The rights issue resets the startup’s valuation, once at $22 billion, to about $25 million. “Our rights issue has seen an overwhelming response.

Unanimous Vote Removes Founder of Byju’s as Investors Decide

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The participating shareholders — whose combined ownership in Byju’s exceeded 60% — also passed the resolution to reconstitute the board of Byju’s. “At today’s Extraordinary General Meeting shareholders unanimously passed all resolutions put forward for vote. Late last month, Byju’s launched a rights issue where it sought to raise about $200 million at a massively discounted rate. Raveendran told shareholders earlier this week that the rights issue had been fully subscribed and requested all existing investors to participate and maintain their ownership. “[…] I understand that participating in this rights issue may seem like a Hobson’s choice.

Upcoming Feature: Follow Mastodon Users through Threads by the End of the Year – Insights from the Meta Meeting

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Threads’ roadmap for integrations with the fediverse, aka the network of decentralized apps that includes Twitter/X rival Mastodon and others, has been revealed. In the meeting, which Coates characterized as a “good faith” effort by the Instagram team, the roadmap for Threads’ fediverse integration was laid out, starting with a December launch of a feature within the Threads app that would allow their posts to become visible to Mastodon clients. Meta did, in fact, start testing ActivityPub integration in December, allowing Threads posts to appear on Mastodon. In addition, this rule would potentially come into play when a user banned from Meta’s platform moved their content to another Mastodon server. Other questions remained unresolved at this time — like whether Threads would surface third-party Mastodon content in its algorithmic feed, whether it would ultimately allow for algorithmic choice, whether Mastodon content would be made to appear visually differentiated from Threads’ content in some way, and more.