Creating a Customer Success Powerhouse: The Merger of Totango and Catalyst

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That’s where customer success software comes into play. Two customer success companies, Totango and Catalyst, on Wednesday announced they are merging in an effort to take on the market leader, Gainsight. “Everyone feels very excited about the potential of these two companies,” Catalyst CEO and co-founder Edward Chiu told TechCrunch. “The deep customer success expertise and enterprise capabilities of Totango combined with the intuitive design and forward-thinking vision of Catalyst create a powerhouse to redefine customer success and how businesses maximize customer lifetime value.”Jessica Lin, co-founder and general partner at Work-Bench, whose firm invested in Catalyst early on, sees a similar opportunity. “Our goal is for this combined entity to own the customer success market and have an even bigger outcome than Gainsight (which exited in late 2020 for $1.1 billion).

“Unifying Google and Samsung: The Convergence of Nearby Share and Quick Share into One Comprehensive Cross-Platform Solution for Android”

Android Quick Share
Google announced today at CES that it has collaborated with Samsung to combine their sharing solutions into a singular cross-Android solution under the Quick Share name. The new offering grows the network of devices that users can share content with across the Android ecosystem, including Chromebooks. Back in 2020, Google introduced Nearby Share to make it easy for users to share files across devices. Samsung also has its own similar capability called Quick Share. Google also announced that it is working with PC manufacturers like LG to expand Quick Share to Windows PCs as a pre-installed app.