“LinkedIn Seeks to Integrate Gaming into its Platform”

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LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned social platform, has made a name for itself primarily as a platform for people looking to network and pick up knowledge for professional purposes, and for recruitment — a business that now has more than 900 million users. Now, to boost the time people are spending on the platform, the company is breaking into a totally new area: gaming. App researchers have started to find code that points to the work LinkedIn is doing. The LinkedIn spokesperson declined to say how and if Microsoft is involved in the gaming project at LinkedIn. Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, has been a major driver of social gaming over the years.

Examining Reddit’s AI Revenue Increases Confidence in Planned IPO Share Price

Reddit Ipo V1
At the low end of this range, $31 billion, though Reddit would be worth $4.93 billion based on an expected 158.98 million shares outstanding. With $804.0 million in 2023 revenue, Reddit is on track to trade for a multiple of 6.9x to 8.0x its revenue, depending on the valuation estimate you want to use. Reddit’s game plan for AI is one good reason why it’s pricing its shares closer to Meta than Snap. Reddit data constantly grows and regenerates as users come and interact with their communities and each other. Investors might consider Reddit a side-bet on AI itself, even if the company’s core business isn’t creating AI models.