“LinkedIn Seeks to Integrate Gaming into its Platform”

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned social platform, has made a name for itself primarily as a platform for people looking to network and pick up knowledge for professional purposes, and for recruitment — a business that now has more than 900 million users. Now, to boost the time people are spending on the platform, the company is breaking into a totally new area: gaming. App researchers have started to find code that points to the work LinkedIn is doing. The LinkedIn spokesperson declined to say how and if Microsoft is involved in the gaming project at LinkedIn. Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, has been a major driver of social gaming over the years.

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned social platform, has established itself as a go-to destination for professional networking, knowledge acquisition, and recruitment. With over 900 million users, it has become a thriving business for connecting people in the workforce. However, the platform is now expanding into a completely new realm: gaming.

TechCrunch has uncovered and verified that LinkedIn is working on a gaming experience that will tap into the puzzle craze that has propelled games like Wordle to viral success and amassed millions of players.

App developers have uncovered code that points to this new gaming endeavor by LinkedIn. Nima Owji, one of the researchers, noted that one concept LinkedIn is exploring involves ranking player scores by their place of employment, with companies competing for the top spot based on their employees’ scores.

BREAKING: LinkedIn is working on IN-APP GAMES! There will be a variety of games available, and companies will be ranked based on the scores of their employees. In my opinion, this is a pretty cool and fun idea!

A spokesperson for LinkedIn has confirmed this project, but has not yet announced a launch date.

“We’re experimenting with integrating puzzle-based games into the LinkedIn experience to add an element of fun, strengthen relationships, and hopefully spark meaningful conversations,” the spokesperson stated in a message to TechCrunch. “Stay tuned for more details!”

The spokesperson also clarified that the images shared by the researcher on X are inaccurate. If and when a more current source is available, this post will be updated with the new information.

LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, is a dominant force in the gaming industry. Its gaming division, which includes Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax, brought in a whopping $7.1 billion in revenue last quarter, surpassing Windows revenue for the first time.

When asked about Microsoft’s involvement in LinkedIn’s gaming project, the spokesperson declined to comment.

Gaming apps are consistently among the most popular choices for both mobile and PC users, in terms of both revenue and engagement. Casual puzzle games, in particular, have a devoted following in the mobile gaming space. Other non-gaming platforms have taken notice of this phenomenon in an attempt to drive more traffic to their sites, a trend that has been prevalent even before the internet was mainstream, with the popularity of crossword puzzles and other brainteasers in newspapers and magazines.

The New York Times, which acquired the viral sensation Wordle in 2022, revealed that millions of people continue to play the game, which is now part of a larger collection of online games and puzzles developed by the newspaper.

Other platforms that have invested heavily in gaming have experienced mixed results. Facebook, the world’s largest social network, used to be a major player in social gaming. However, in 2022, the company shut down its standalone gaming app due to declining usage. These days, Facebook is focusing more on mixed reality experiences and its Meta Quest business.

Over the years, LinkedIn has introduced a variety of new features in an effort to enhance user engagement and retention. It’s safe to say that their strategy is highly focused on incorporating the most popular tools and trends into the LinkedIn experience, with a particular emphasis on the world of work. These efforts have ranged from online learning initiatives and professional development opportunities, to a publishing and news division, as well as the implementation of video tools and partnerships with creators and influencers.

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