“Simple Payment Solutions for Smaller Merchants: Flatpay Raises $47M”

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In one of the latest developments, Danish company Flatpay, which builds payment solutions for small and medium physical merchants like shops, restaurants and salons, has raised €45 million ($47 million) led by Dawn Capital. Founded in 2022, Flatpay currently has just 7,000 customers across its current footprint of Denmark, Finland and Germany. Perhaps most interestingly, on the sales side, despite its focus on streamlined technology, Flatpay only sells via live sales visits. No online sales (although there are specialists who will help arrange those in-person sales visits and handle support), no virtual visits, and no plans to introduce either. And the only way they could understand the products really well was by the company paring down the products themselves.

Selling Oura Products on Amazon

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Smart fitness ring maker Oura announced a partnership with Amazon today to sell its products through the e-commerce site. The Heritage ring starts from $299 and the Horizon ring starts from $399. The most distinctive difference between the two is that Heritage rings have a flat top and Horizon rings don’t have that. Since Oura launched the Oura Ring 3, India-based startup Ultrahuman released two rings including Ultrahuman Air last year. Last year, Oura launched the Circles feature to encourage users to share their stats with friends and family.

Ring Reverses Decision, Rescinds Police’s Neighbors App Access to Amazon Footage

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Update: Electronic Frontier Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Matthew Guariglia offered TechCrunch the following statement,Today, Amazon Ring has announced that it will no longer facilitate police’s warrantless requests for footage from Ring users. Now, Ring hopefully will altogether be out of the business of platforming casual and warrantless police requests for footage to its users. Amazon today announced that it is end-of-lifing Request for Assistance (RFA), a controversial tool that allowed police and fire departments to request doorbell video through Ring’s Neighbors app. “Public safety agencies like fire and police departments can still use the Neighbors app to share helpful safety tips, updates, and community events,” Neighbors app head, Eric Kuhn, noted in a blog post. In 2021, Amazon made police requests public as part of its biannual transparency report.