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Smart fitness ring maker Oura announced a partnership with Amazon today to sell its products through the e-commerce site. The Heritage ring starts from $299 and the Horizon ring starts from $399. The most distinctive difference between the two is that Heritage rings have a flat top and Horizon rings don’t have that. Since Oura launched the Oura Ring 3, India-based startup Ultrahuman released two rings including Ultrahuman Air last year. Last year, Oura launched the Circles feature to encourage users to share their stats with friends and family.

Smart fitness ring maker Oura has announced an exciting new partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon. This collaboration will allow for the sale of Oura’s innovative and popular products on the widely utilized online marketplace.

The company’s two rings, the Horizon and Heritage, will both be available for purchase on Amazon. The Horizon ring, available in six striking finishes, starts at $399, while the Heritage ring, with four beautiful finishes to choose from, starts at $299. One notable distinction between the two is that the Heritage rings feature a flat top, while the Horizon rings do not.

Oura is also offering additional accessories for sale on Amazon, such as a sizing kit priced at $10 and chargers for $59. This expansion into the e-commerce realm is a strategic move for the company as it aims to increase its presence in the competitive smart ring market.

In April of 2023, Oura first made its products available on and in over 850 of the popular retailer’s physical stores across the United States. This partnership was further expanded in October of the same year, with products being sold in over 124 stores in Canada.

While Oura has been making strides in the smart ring industry, other companies have also entered the market. India-based startup Ultrahuman introduced their own rings, including the Ultrahuman Air, in 2023. Shortly after, in January of the following year, electronics giant Samsung also released their own competitor ring.

In order to continue evolving and providing even more value to users, Oura has implemented new features into their current product lineup. In 2023, the Circles feature was introduced, encouraging users to share their statistics with friends and family. And just this year, the company launched Resilience, a feature that measures how well users can handle stress.

“We are thrilled to partner with Amazon and offer our products to their vast customer base. This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand our reach and continue innovating in the smart ring market.” – Oura CEO

With its growing presence and ongoing advancements, Oura is quickly establishing itself as a major player in the world of smart fitness technology. And now, through its partnership with Amazon, the company is poised for even greater success in the future.

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