Heat Wave Hefty: Quilt’s Series A Secures $33M for Heat Pump Rides

Quilt Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
Heat pumps are having a bit of a moment. Consumer hesitancy has been on the top of Paul Lambert’s mind as he navigates bringing Quilt’s new heat pump to market. Heat pumps are just different enough from existing heating and air conditioning setups to give many consumers pause. Design isn’t the only challenge facing traditional heat pumps. Quilt’s heat pumps will roll out in a few regions initially before expanding further.

“250K Users and a Major Update: Experience the Latest Version of Rooms, the Innovative 3D Design App and ‘Cozy Game'”

Rooms App 2
Five months ago, Rooms, a 3D design platform made by ex-Google employees, launched its beta version on the App Store. Rooms is an interior decorating app that falls under the cozy game category. Players can build and code intricate 3D rooms and mini-games using a library of over 7,500 digital items. The majority of the updates are on the iOS app, but Rooms is adding the new categories and speed improvements to its web version. However, in the future, Rooms may offer a premium subscription offering but the company is waiting until the app gets more traction.

“Palazzo Unveils Venus Williams’ Innovative Interior Design Techniques Utilizing Cutting-Edge AI Technology”

Palazzo Ai
If you didn’t know legendary tennis player and seven-time Grand Slam winner Venus Williams had an eye for interior design, consider this your heads up. Walmart announced in October 2023 that it was developing an interior design assistant that leverages generative AI and AR technology. Palazzo has ambitious plans for its platform and wants to expand beyond generative AI-powered offerings. The company will bring on retail partners to include inventory on the platform for Vinci to suggest to potential customers. Most notably, Palazzo is bringing in notable interior design companies (like V Starr) to contribute designs on the platform and be compensated for their work.

“Instantly Enhance Your Property Listings with Cutting-Edge AI Virtual Staging”

Vsai Livingroom 1
A startup called Virtual Staging AI is making it possible for Realtors to virtually stage a house with the help of generative AI. Virtual Staging AI, which is part of Harvard Innovation Labs, currently has 4,500 monthly paid subscribers and is looking to transform the real estate and staging industry. Instead of having to share images of empty rooms in a listing, the tool gives Realtors realistic images of furnished rooms. While Realtors could hire someone to digitally stage a room using tools like Photoshop, Virtual Staging AI promises a cheaper and faster way to do so. Real estate has continued to evolve over the years, going from offering only in-person showings to facilitating virtual tours.

Maximize Buyer Engagement: The Importance of Establishing Online Sales Spaces for Startups

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I founded Mindtickle, a sales readiness platform, in 2011 to address this issue and help companies prepare their sales teams to tackle any challenge. Digital sales rooms offer a new way to achieve just that. Winning sales organizations have now started using digital sales rooms (DSRs) to introduce buyer enablement to the sales enablement ecosystem to create a more interactive and engaging experience for buyers. Combining DSRs with sales enablement toolsBuyers are scrutinizing purchases more and sellers are under pressure to provide value in every buyer interaction. Digital sales rooms are online microsites where sellers can customize and share contracts, mutual action plans, sales content, and more with buyers.

Ultrahuman Introduces Revolutionary Smart Ring Tracker for Enhanced Household Wellness

Side View Shot Ultrahuman Home
Indian wearable startup Ultrahuman is getting into the smart home game. By capturing more data-points it can link to its smart ring users, Ultrahuman may be able to improve the accuracy of its algorithms — to give its personalized advice an edge over rivals. The same is true with the Ultrahuman Home: There’s no subscription required for the service; just a one-off hardware purchase. Since the launch of the Ultrahuman Ring Air, its sleeker second gen smart ring which we reviewed last summer, momentum has been growing, with sales exceeding 10,000 units last month, per Kumar. There is also a hardware button on the device that will let users switch off the mic when they wish.

Snowflake’s Data Clean Room Enhancements: An Overview of the Samooha Acquisition

Mobile World Congress 2023 Barcelona Logotypes
“Samooha customers will benefit from the many built-in platform capabilities of Snowflake, as well as the powerful network of Snowflake data cloud. Snowflake customers, meanwhile, will be able to more quickly and easily build, connect and use data clean rooms where their data already lives, directly in Snowflake.”Los Altos-based Samooha, which Sivaramakrishnan and Bhowmick co-founded in 2022, competes in an increasingly crowded data clean room field. AWS has a data clean room product, as do startups like Herb. A native app on Snowflake, Samooha provides a no-code UI customers can use to access and build clean room apps. According to Gartner, 80% of advertisers spending more than $1 billion a year on media will have used data clean rooms for applications such as analytics, measuring campaign results and easing data integration by the end of the year.