“Discover the Latest Features of Waze: Enhanced Navigation for Roundabouts, Real-Time Speed Limit Notifications, and Beyond”

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Waze is adding a few new features that will help users navigate tricky roundabouts, get alerts when a speed limit is about to change and get warnings about speed bumps and sharp curves. The new feature is rolling out globally to Android users this month and iOS users later this year. Users will start to see alerts when a speed limit is about change along their route, giving them more time to adjust their speed. This update is rolling out globally to all Android and iOS users this month. These alerts are rolling out now globally to all Android and iOS users this month.

Lizcore’s Simplistic Sport Tracking System: Ideal for Indoor Climbers’ Practicality

Lizcore, a sport tracking startup out of Barcelona, caught our eye on the 4YFN show floor at MWC this week. Lizcore’s system requires gyms to buy in and install its smart base units and top-out holds for each boulder problem. It’s activity and progress tracking with minimal effort so climbers can concentrate on the real work — of training, climbing, sending and repeating. So climbers could even use the minimalist wearable to forget having to bring their own wallets to the gym. Lizcore says the system gives gyms data about quiet vs busy times for different climbing areas and walls.

“Revolutionize the Music Industry on-the-go with’s Latest Venture, Sound Drive”

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The new venture will launch this summer in Mercedes-Benz’s electric EQ models, told TechCrunch during a press event. That car had 16 Sound Drive tracks loaded, some familiar and others created especially for the experience. Sound Drive is not quite a performance as such, likens being a conductor or DJ, but that’s just the beginning. Down the road, Sound Drive will let you geotag samples, linking auditory cues with memories. Mercedes-Benz is the first partner, where the technology will launch with 10 tracks this summer as MBUX Sound Drive.