“Discover the Latest Features of Waze: Enhanced Navigation for Roundabouts, Real-Time Speed Limit Notifications, and Beyond”

Waze is adding a few new features that will help users navigate tricky roundabouts, get alerts when a speed limit is about to change and get warnings about speed bumps and sharp curves. The new feature is rolling out globally to Android users this month and iOS users later this year. Users will start to see alerts when a speed limit is about change along their route, giving them more time to adjust their speed. This update is rolling out globally to all Android and iOS users this month. These alerts are rolling out now globally to all Android and iOS users this month.

Waze, the navigation app owned by Google, has announced the release of new features to enhance its user experience. These features include assistance with navigating roundabouts, advance speed limit change alerts, and warnings about speed bumps and sharp curves. Additionally, Waze has also made it easier to access parking information, keep track of changes on favorite routes, and receive alerts when an emergency vehicle is present on your route.

Thanks to the collaboration of Waze community members, navigating roundabouts is now easier than ever. The app provides clear instructions on when to enter, which lane to take, and where to exit in order to avoid missing a turn. This feature will be particularly useful for those who are unfamiliar with roundabouts or driving in a new location. It will be available on Android devices this month and on iOS later in the year.

The app will now give users advance notice of upcoming speed limit changes along their route, allowing them to adjust their speed accordingly. Not only does this feature help prevent speeding violations, but it also ensures that users are following traffic laws even if they may have missed the speed limit sign. This update is being rolled out globally to both Android and iOS users this month.

In addition to existing hazard alerts such as potholes and bad weather, Waze will now also warn about sharp curves, speed bumps, and toll booths. This update is designed to help drivers navigate unfamiliar areas like a local. Users can expect to see these alerts on their devices this month, available to both Android and iOS users worldwide.

Waze has formed a new partnership with Flash that will provide users with detailed information about parking garages, including whether they are covered, wheelchair accessible, and have EV charging stations. Users can even reserve a parking spot directly through the app. This update will be rolled out in the coming weeks on both Android and iOS for over 30,000 parking garages in the United States and Canada.

The navigation app recognizes that many people have a preferred route for their daily commute or school drop-off, even if it’s not necessarily the fastest one. To cater to this, Waze will now provide live traffic updates and delays on users’ favorite routes. This feature will be available this month on both Android and iOS, allowing users to compare different routes and make the best decision.

In an effort to keep first responders safe, Waze will now inform users when an ambulance or firetruck is present on their route. This update is possible through the Waze for City partners program and is currently available for drivers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and France on both Android and iOS. More countries will be added soon.

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