“Discover New Workout Companions with Liveliness: The Ultimate Sports Community App”

Finding people who share your active passion — to go hiking, biking, running, whatever — is a pretty enduring problem. Step forward Liveliness, a Spanish startup building a community app around shared sporting passions. There’s a chat function and the ability for users to set up events other users can sign up to join. In the last three months people really started to use the app, making plans, creating events.”Users range in age from young to middle aged. “We just tried to make the app as simple as possible so people understand and know how to use it,” he added.

SLIM Mission of Japan Successfully Lands on Moon but Time is Ticking Away

Slim Lander Render
Japan’s long-planned Smart Lander for Investigating Moon has successfully touched down on the lunar surface, making the nation the fifth in history to do so. But all is not well for SLIM, which may have a limited lease on life due to trouble with its solar cells. In a press conference following the early-morning (local time) landing on the Moon, the directors of JAXA and the mission explained that “The soft landing was itself successful; SLIM has been communicating and it receiving commands. However, as the other sensors are working correctly and showing healthy values, they feel confident it is limited to the solar cells themselves. The initial press conference was primarily to announce the initial success of a soft landing and functioning lunar lander.