“Breaking Records: Discover the $700M SAFE, the Resurgence of IPOs, and Crossing Boundaries with a Cutting-Edge Venture Fund”

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A $700M SAFE, IPOs are back, and how one venture fund is transcending bordersHello, and welcome to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Friday episode, in which we dig through the most critical stories from the week and chat through new and emerging themes. This week we had Mary Ann, Becca, and Alex aboard. Becca of course is one of the two hosts of TechCrunch’s Found podcast, which talks to founders about how they built what they did, and how they did it! Today on Equity, however, here’s what we got into:We are back Monday with more!

Google Chrome’s Real-Time Implementation of Safe Browsing Protection

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Sharing URLs privatelyNow, if all of this sounds a bit familiar, then that’s likely because you are already familiar with the Safe Browsing Enhanced Mode. The privacy server removes potential user identifiers and forwards the encrypted hash prefixes to the Safe Browsing server via a TLS connection that mixes requests with many other Chrome users. The Safe Browsing server decrypts the hash prefixes and matches them against the server-side database, returning full hashes of all unsafe URLs that match one of the hash prefixes sent by Chrome. This server sits between Chrome and Safe Browsing and strips out any identifying information from the browser request. Thanks to all of this, Google’s Safe Browsing service should never see your IP address.

“Match Group Welcomes Yoel Roth, Former Twitter Trust & Safety Leader”

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Twitter’s former head of trust and safety Yoel Roth announced today that he is joining Match Group, the parent company of several popular dating apps, including Tinder and Hinge. Yoel, who shared the move on LinkedIn, is now the company’s Vice President of Trust and Safety. I swiped right on Match Group,” Roth said in his announcement post. Roth is now taking his trust and safety expertise to Match’s family of dating apps, which includes Tinder,, Meetic, OkCupid, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, OurTime, and more. Although dating apps have built-in features to keep users safe, there is still a lot of toxic behavior on these apps, and not everyone trusts them.

Ensuring Enterprise Safety: Prompt Security’s Goal for GenAI’s Protection

Prompt Team
Prompt Security was founded by Itamar Golan (CEO) and Lior Drihem (CTO), who both previously worked at Check Point and Orca Security. The company’s tools automatically detect patterns related to GenAI usage and then layers an enforcement policy on top of that. Golan stressed that the company is trying to build an entire platform here by covering various aspects of an organization’s GenAI usage. “We are trying to build a one-stop solution for GenAI security. Over time, the company plans to launch more services that help its customers increase their GenAI security posture.