“Leveraging $165M in Equity and Debt: Kapital Empowers LatAm Small Businesses with Financial Clarity”

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Bank and technology platform Kapital continues to rake in venture capital, grabbing another $40 million in Series B dollars and $125 million in debt financing. We previously covered Kapital’s $20 million Series A in May that included $45 million in debt. Rene Saul and Fernando Sandoval co-founded Kapital in 2020 to provide similar financial visibility to small businesses, using data and artificial intelligence, that large enterprises have. “Small businesses represent 90% of the world’s businesses; however, in Mexico, only 10.5% of those small businesses have access to total bank credit,” Saul said. “That’s what we’re fixing — we give them visibility of their finances.”In 2023, Kapital’s customer base grew to 80,000 small businesses in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.