Meta’s New Rule on Political Content Criticized by Numerous Creators in Signed Letter

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If you haven’t been seeing much political content on Instagram lately, there’s a reason for that. Since March, Instagram and Threads have instituted a new default setting that limits political content you see from people you’re not following. Hundreds of creators, convened by GLAAD and Accountable Tech, have signed an open letter demanding that Instagram make the political content limit an opt-in feature, rather than on by default. Instagram’s definition of political content leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which stokes further concern among these creators. “Removing political recommendations as a default setting, and consequently stopping people from seeing suggested political content poses a serious threat to political engagement, education, and activism,” the letter says.

India’s Reduction of Import Tariffs on Electric Vehicles Position Tesla for Successful Expansion

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India will lower import taxes on certain electric vehicles for companies committing to invest at least $500 million and setting up a local manufacturing facility within three years, a move that could potentially bolster Tesla’s plans to enter the South Asian market. Firms meeting these requirements will be allowed to import 8,000 EVs a year at a reduced import duty of 15% on cars costing $35,000 and above. India currently levies a tax of 70% to 100% on imported cars depending on their value. The decision could pave the way for Tesla to enter India, as the Elon Musk-led company has been in talks with the government to lower import duties on its electric cars for years. The move also aligns with India’s goal to boost the adoption of EVs and reduce its dependence on oil imports, with the country setting a target of achieving 30% electric vehicle sales by 2030.

“Maintain Your Privacy on Signal: Introducing Usernames to Secure Your Phone Number”

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Up until now, you have had to give someone your phone number to chat with them on Signal. Signal still requires a phone number when registering for the app. Instead, they’re just a quick way to connect with someone on the app without sharing your phone number. However, if you still want people to see your phone number when you message them, you can change the default setting in your “Phone Number” settings. Signal is also introducing a new privacy setting that will let you control who can find you on the app with your phone number.