Verizons +Play Store Set to Open its Doors to All Customers

Verizon launched +Play, its new subscription service aggregator, in open beta last month. Customers can use it to purchase and manage subscriptions to over 20 services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max and ESPN+. Its initial launch is planned for late Q1/March but the company has confirmed that it will eventually be available to everyone – not just Verizon customers.

“because we want to make sure our customers get the best experience.”

At CES, Verizon’s Chief Content Officer and Head of Partnerships Erin McPherson announced their new service will initially be for Verizon Wireless customers, stressing that they want to ensure “the best experience” before eventually opening it up to all.

McPherson noted that the company currently has roughly 20 premium subscription services and expects to grow that number to around 50 by 2023. She clarified, however, this growth will not encompass a large range of smaller streamers.

“We’re not trying to collect all of the world’s apps; instead, we strive to provide a carefully chosen selection. Additionally, we hope to drive the industry forward by crafting bundles and deals tailored for our consumers,” shared McPherson.

McPherson suggested the possibility of offering bundles of services in the future.

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“As we continue with Netflix, we are exploring exciting opportunities to provide our customers with more value through next-gen bundling and other offers. We have great trials underway,” she said.

Verizon won’t offer certain products in the near future. Instead, when their service exits beta testing this year, they’ll focus on boosting features and functionality while improving the buy flow process.

Verizon confirmed that its plan to offer +Play to non-Verizon customers had not been previously announced.

“All possibilities are being considered for the platform’s future,” a spokesperson shared, with more news expected later this year.

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