Enjoy Freshly Steamed Meals On-the-Go With the Steambox Portable Food Steamer

If you hate microwave meals and want a gentler way to heat your lunch, Steambox is here for you. The company sold 500+ units through Kickstarter in late 2019 and is now shipping out their device. We checked it out at CES 2020 in Vegas – don’t miss it!

The company reports that between Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and its own pre-orders, it has sold 1,300-1,400 Steamboxes to date.

Kevin de Krieger, co-founder and COO of Steambox, explains why he believes steaming is superior to microwaving: “It’s for every foodie in the world who wants flexibility when heating up their food. Steaming doesn’t dry out your food and ensures it is heated evenly throughout – plus it tastes way better! Our customers love steam because they can keep their meals fresher with a taste that almost feels like you’re having them for the first time.”

We’ve manufactured 3,000 units and have stock in the US and Europe ready for purchase. Liberate yourself from the office microwave at just $270!

Steambox is a small, powerful appliance: it can heat 500g (17.5 oz) of food in 15-20 minutes – about the size of a shoe box! Image Credit: Steambox

“It takes 15-20 minutes to heat up your food, and the battery will last for up to 45 minutes of use. After that, it needs a two hour charge,” de Krieger explains.

The Bamboo-topped device is sleek and has improved since its Kickstarter prototypes. Unfortunately, the company opted for a tip-and-sleeve charger instead of USB-C, which was suggested in the campaign. It’s a shame; if we can charge high-end laptops with 65W chargers, surely they could have found a way to use USB-C too?

De Krieger assures us that changing to USB-C will be easy in the future, once new regulations for 2024 enable higher voltage usage. Then, they’ll include it in products right away.

The CEO’s video demonstrated the device’s operation.

This steamer boasts a powerful 120W heating element, measuring 10.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches (27 x 16.5 x 9 cm). The stainless steel food container holds up to 25 oz (750 ml) and comes with a silicone lid, all weighing 4.4 lbs (1991g).

Our product is available for purchase now on our website for €249 / $269.

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