Navigating Life with the Help of Self-Driving Car Technology: A New Hope for the Blind

AI Guided is providing the visually impaired with a helping hand (or belt!) at CES in Las Vegas. Their tech combines optical and Lidar technology, AI-powered on-device computing, and more to help identify obstacles and navigate.

At CES 2023, AI-Guided debuted their new product: Guidi. Check it out in the photo below! (Image Credit: Haje Kamps / TechGround)

Since January 2020, the company has been working on the product. In mid-2021 they plan to build their first prototypes and ship by October 2023. They are aiming for an 8-hour battery life, as well as full autonomy even when Wi-Fi or cellular data isn’t available. No word yet on pricing.

We had to share this odd promo image from the world’s largest consumer electronics show: a guide dog giving its replacement the side-eye. It’s one of those weird and wonderful things you find when exploring!

The company is launching an Indiegogo campaign later this month to make Guidi a reality.

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