Supermom from Singapore: Guiding Parenting Brands Beyond the Cookie Era

Supermom is a parenting platform with 20 million users across six Southeast Asian countries. It helps parents compare prices, build community and earn money by taking surveys. For brands, it provides market research opportunities and first-party data collection – essential for marketers in the post-cookie era.

Today, Singapore-based startup Supermom announced an oversubscribed Series A of $8 million SGD (approx. $6 million USD), led by Qualgro and AC Ventures. With a presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand already established; the company plans to expand into more markets soon. Over 200 consumer brands use Supermom for marketing research — including Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble and Philips.

In 2013, Joan Ong, Luke Lim, Lynn Yeoh and Rebecca Koh founded Supermom as a platform for community groups and in-person events. “I wanted to support other parents – motherhood is quite a lonely journey,” said Ong. After five successful years in Singapore, the team pivoted their focus from physical events to digital marketing with the aim of scaling across Southeast Asia in 2019.

Supermom’s market research platform helps businesses access targeted groups of people for testing. Its backend tracks the demographics of parents, such as age of kids, occupations and interests. Parents can also apply to be brand ambassadors with Supermom – brands can then view their social media followers and group affiliations.

Qualgro associates Jeremy Soh and Neo WeiSheng, with Supermom founders Rebecca Koh, Joan Ong, Lynn Yeoh and Luke Lim

, recently joined forces to launch a new business venture.

Jeremy Soh and Neo WeiSheng (Qualgro) teamed up with Rebecca Koh, Joan Ong, Lynn Yeoh, and Luke Lim (Supermom founders) to create a new venture.

Lim states that Supermom can assemble quantitative surveys of 1,000 people in an hour—six countries at once, and tailored to particular age groups. Crafting survey questions is simplified further by the platform’s user-friendly guidance.

Brands use brand indexing, a ranking of consumer trust, to gain insight about their consumers. This data can be broken down by demographic – for instance, researchers can examine if 50% of mothers aged over 30 years from different disposable income levels are using the brand.

Supermom will invest its new funding to enhance data and product capabilities, as well as expand operations in Southeast Asia.

“Cookieless targeting is now essential,” said Ong. “We help brands access their target market by leveraging the millions of users we have, enabling them to get the critical first-party data they need for retargeting.”

Weisheng Neo, General Partner at Qualgro noted, “Brands have limited access to reliable and secure data regarding their parents customers – a rapidly growing segment. With Supermom’s platform brands will gain invaluable insights and be able to activate first-party data.”

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