iOS Users Now Automatically Get Algorithmic Twitter Timeline

Twitter is once again making its algorithmically-generated feed, “For You,” the default on iOS — a move previously attempted and quickly reversed in response to user backlash.

Twitter is spicing up its user experience with a new change – the simultaneous use of algorithmic and chronological feeds. With just a simple swipe, users can now switch between “For You” (the algorithm) and “Following” (the timeline). Previously, this could only be done by tapping on the sparkle icon in the top right corner to access either “Home” or “Latest”. Twitter believes this update will make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

Say goodbye to “Home” and “Latest”—say hello to the new, pinned tabs: “For you” and “Following”! Swipe between them instead of tapping the ✨ icon.

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The issue with this design is that users may become accustomed to the algorithmic timeline, leading to less use of the chronological one.

Annoyingly, switching between alternative timelines using pinned lists on your account now requires more swiping.

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It was clear from Musk’s tweet last month that he envisioned a timeline with easy navigation between top, latest, trending, and topics of interest.

We wholeheartedly concur! This change is imminent.

Swipe between top, latest, trending, and followed topics on the main timeline. Twitter search navigation already provides this functionality after a search!

“It’s been a wild ride, but I’m proud to have achieved so much in 2022. Here’s to another great year!” #2023Goals 🚀

Last month, Twitter announced plans to display more tweets from people outside your followers in the timeline. The company stated this change would bring the best content to all users.

Twitter isn’t alone in promoting algorithmic feeds. TikTok shows users its “For You” feed as the default, and Instagram has been pushing suggested content too. Users can switch to chronological or favorites timelines, but they’re not set by default; Mark Zuckerberg even said last year that recommended content is set to double by 2021’s end.

Twitter is introducing a new algorithmic timeline, as well as features to change font size, add bold/italic/underline styles, allowing users to “publish long-form content natively” on the platform.

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