The Guardian Confirms Ransomware Attack Compromised Employee Data

Phishing is a frequent tactic of attackers, causing breaches at Twilio, DoorDash and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The Guardian alerted its U.K. staff that their sensitive personal information had been accessed by attackers, with 90% of the newspaper’s 1,500 worldwide employees based in the UK.

The Guardian spokesperson confirmed to TechGround that all U.K. staff were impacted by the security breach, with personal data such as names, addresses, national insurance numbers, government identity documents and salary details potentially accessed – as first reported by The Record.

The company stated there was no indication readers’ or subscribers’ personal data had been accessed, nor any evidence hackers gained access to staff in the U.S. and Australia’s info.

There are still unanswered questions about the cyberattack, such as who was responsible and if The Guardian paid a ransom.

On December 21, The Guardian confirmed a ransomware attack and instructed staff to work from home until January 23. Though some critical systems may be back online within two weeks, U.K. office working has been delayed until early February.

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